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AMV Recommendations

These are AMV’s that I recommend watching. If you like any of them, give them a like or leave a comment on Youtube and recommend them to your friends. Seriously.


Curse of the Valvrave

Possibly the best Valvrave AMV I’ve seen, this video instantly captured me after I took a moment to go back over the series. I still think the ending was as bad as Code Geass, but I don’t hold that against this work of art.




Spice and Wolf AMV – Thousand Years

A great Spice and Wolf amv centered around the central characters, it’s slow-paced and basically showcases the relationship between Lawrence and Holo.

SAO 2 (GGO) – Crush

I find myself fond of this AMV because of interspersed action sequences and the drama that unfolded in Sinon and Kirito’s lives… plus, watching the actions scenes as the music swells at the dramatic moments is awesome.



I See Fire – Dragon Age GMV

This video makes my heart tremble, descriging the trials and tribulations of the Grey Wardens during the Blights. Those lives lost, the sacrifices, and the unity of races to defeat a common enemy. This is a powerful video.


Monolith Code – Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

Okay, this one covered the Monolith Code event for Tatsuya’s team, which I enjoyed and considered the high point of the series.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei – My Demons

This covers a great deal of the series events, and the action and music are wonderful woven together in a way that I can truly appreciate. In fact, I liked the whole concept of the series with the exception of the incest subtext (in my opinion, either they go all-in or not at all), and the fact that Tatsuya was god-magician for all intents and purposes. I could get behind most of his powers, even the self-repair, but when you can raise the dead and use things like Material Burst with little problem in this sort of series, you’ve crossed the line. Sure, they say he has weak technical skills and feels the pain of those he heals, but honestly none of that slowed him down in the slightest.

Tokyo Ravens – Desolate World

Great video about the series, it has the high points for all the major characters, including Jin Ohtomo, who has earned the badass teacher seal of approval in that episode when he and Douman went toe-to-toe. He and Toji deserve their badass credits.

Broken Promises – Tokyo Ravens

Another great Tokyo Ravens AMV where the music matches the sequences. It’s a bit rushed to keep it in time with the music, but it mostly centers around Kon, Harutora, and Natsume, showing their sacrifices for one another.  And the ending is especially touching.

Magical Mystery World – Negima

A Negima AMV centered around the time they entered through the gateport, mostly action and beautiful in every sense of the world, the only real crime is that they didn’t animate that Rakan Fight.