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Iron Man: Orator

Arousing Grammar

Tony Stark’s flamboyant personality makes him the natural spokesman of well, everything.  Sure, Captain America knows how to make the riveting pre-battle speeches, but who speaks for superheroes when they’re at a press conference or plain ol’ meeting?  That’s where Iron Man flies in.

Let’s take a look at three Stark speeches, two from Avengers Disassembled (written by Brian Michael Bendis) and one from World War Hulk (written by Greg Pak).  Get ready for a ton of word bubbles. Oh, and a bunch of spoilers.

Iron Man dissolves the Avengers

So after a whole bunch of awful stuff happening within the span of a few issues (Avengers dying, mansions blowing up, jets crashing, etc.), the Avengers decide to disband.  I’m sad also.

The man has to take care of business first.  But why is he distancing himself from the armor?  That’s the second speech.  Though he should probably just wear…

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