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Spider-Man takes on Morlun, Pt. 1

Well, this suddenly became relevant after Original Sins…

Arousing Grammar

It’s Morlun week!  Nope, not a drunken misspelling of King Arthur’s wizard.  The next four days will chronicle Morlun’s entire appearance in the Marvel universe: about 14 issues and 3 arcs.  He’s minor for sure, but this supervillain may be the most dangerous foe Spider-Man has ever fought.  I’m not just saying that to get you to read my article, I promise.

Now, because I’m not exactly sure how Fair Use applies to comic books (and the fights are practically every page of the issues), I’m only going to show you like a third to half the pages of their fights.  The goal of this blog is to get you to go out and buy comics anyway, so you have to plop down some money to see the whole thing (also the whole I don’t want to have to take down my website).  Before we start though, let’s talk about…

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