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X-Men vs. Juggernaut, Pt. 2

Damn, Cyclops does things hard during the times of Utopia. I respect that and pity the circumstances that led to that.

Arousing Grammar

As we left off on Wednesday, the normal method of taking down the Juggernaut has failed.  Emma Frost’s attempted mind molesting backfired and the unstoppable behemoth is slowly making his way to San Francisco.  To destroy it.  Don’t worry, the X-Men are on it:


We pick back up with the second half of Uncanny X-Men #540-543, written by Kieron Gillen and drawn by Greg Land.  The X-Men army marches into battle.



Plan 4’s a bust.  Turns out when possessed by an evil Asgardian god, walking on air gets added to the power arsenal.  But despite many offensive words you can call mutants, quitters isn’t one of them.





To be fair to the X-Men, it doesn’t seem like Juggernaut’s fighting back very much.  Much more of a slow crawl to annihilate the city.  Still, when there’s only 200 mutants left on Earth and half of them have tried to stop…

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