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Catwoman, Batman, Zatanna, and the mind-wipe, Pt. 2

Arousing Grammar

When we left off yesterday, fresh off the revelation that Zatanna used magic to change her personality into a superhero, Catwoman reacted with the obvious guile of the severely emotionally broken. Catwoman, never well put together in the first place (awful childhood, wears cat costume, master thief, loves a man who constantly tries to put her in jail), watches as the carefully-glued puzzle broke into thousands of pieces.  To sum up:


The fiery mud monsters represent her current state of mind.  Also, she figures she’d chat up her soul mate, because that’s probably preferable to drinking a handle of alcohol and vomiting on her old costumes.



Solid question.  Note that in the next few pages, Batman isn’t lying.  Though he suspects/worries Catwoman had her mind tampered with, he does not hold proof.  And to be fair, Batman suspects/worries everyone he meets has had his or her mind tampered with.




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