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Catwoman, Batman, Zatanna, and the mind-wipe, Pt. 2

Arousing Grammar

When we left off yesterday, fresh off the revelation that Zatanna used magic to change her personality into a superhero, Catwoman reacted with the obvious guile of the severely emotionally broken. Catwoman, never well put together in the first place (awful childhood, wears cat costume, master thief, loves a man who constantly tries to put her in jail), watches as the carefully-glued puzzle broke into thousands of pieces.  To sum up:


The fiery mud monsters represent her current state of mind.  Also, she figures she’d chat up her soul mate, because that’s probably preferable to drinking a handle of alcohol and vomiting on her old costumes.



Solid question.  Note that in the next few pages, Batman isn’t lying.  Though he suspects/worries Catwoman had her mind tampered with, he does not hold proof.  And to be fair, Batman suspects/worries everyone he meets has had his or her mind tampered with.




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X-Men vs. Juggernaut, Pt. 2

Damn, Cyclops does things hard during the times of Utopia. I respect that and pity the circumstances that led to that.

Arousing Grammar

As we left off on Wednesday, the normal method of taking down the Juggernaut has failed.  Emma Frost’s attempted mind molesting backfired and the unstoppable behemoth is slowly making his way to San Francisco.  To destroy it.  Don’t worry, the X-Men are on it:


We pick back up with the second half of Uncanny X-Men #540-543, written by Kieron Gillen and drawn by Greg Land.  The X-Men army marches into battle.



Plan 4’s a bust.  Turns out when possessed by an evil Asgardian god, walking on air gets added to the power arsenal.  But despite many offensive words you can call mutants, quitters isn’t one of them.





To be fair to the X-Men, it doesn’t seem like Juggernaut’s fighting back very much.  Much more of a slow crawl to annihilate the city.  Still, when there’s only 200 mutants left on Earth and half of them have tried to stop…

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X-Men vs. Juggernaut, Pt. 1

Arousing Grammar

Not any Juggernaut, this one:


Y’see, during the Marvel Fear Itself event, seven magical evil Thor hammers fell to Earth.  Each one transformed the respective hero/villain into a way tougher version of themselves.  Also, now with a giant hammer.  Juggernaut got to be one of those lucky seven, but unfortunately the main side effect is becoming the mindless slave of a forgotten Asgardian supervillain.  That’s the breaks.

A few articles ago, I briefly mentioned that when Cyclops assumed leadership of the X-Men from Professor X, he turned it from a school into an army.  That’s not an exaggeration, and Uncanny X-Men #540-543, written by Kieron Gillen and drawn by Greg Land, is the perfect arc to prove it.  By the way, if you get a chance, check out Gillen’s entire run on Journey Into Mystery.  I can’t begin to explain how amazingly wonderful it is.  A superb…

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Jubilee turns into a vampire, Pt. 2

Arousing Grammar

As we left off on Friday, Vampire Jubilee and Vampire Wolverine put a hamper into the X-Men’s plan to defeat this undead enemy — and also have none of them turn into vampires.  Sadly, that solitary neck chomp also brings it with an evil personality devoid of all the good stuff that sunshine, puppies, and such provide.  Well, Cyclops won’t stand for it.  Remember his new ideology of the X-Men being less of a school and more of a highly-trained heavily fortified army?


Bad guys don’t listen to the threats of Ol’ Laser Eyes (whose eye lasers are not compressed energy but instead portals to a universe that doesn’t follow the laws of physics — or something like that). Plus, Cyclops hasn’t smiled all arc.  Masterminding the potentially greatest slaughter of vampires ever known can be quite stressful.  But Xarus, being a traditional supervillain who doesn’t realize that the superheroes…

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