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Avengers Undercover #7 Review

There are hard times ahead for the Runaways in this issue of Avengers Undercover, and I plan to give you my thoughts on the subject in this review of issue #7 of the series.

The story opens with Nico facing off against some Hell-beast as part of her training with Alex flirting with her through some inter-dimensional mirror. She tells him that he’s supposed to be giving her battle strategy training, which he does by pointing out she’s scared of her new powers and if it weren’t for the blood magic that brought her back from the dead she would be killed by now. Then he flirts with her again and it causes her to nearly throttle him until Ax-bro and Hazmat show up to tell her about Chase.

The mission it turns out was to retrieve a prisoner from AIM, which they succeeded in doing. True, Captain America showing up was unexpected, but Chase being in the crossfire naturally pisses Nico off and she asks who is responsible while glowing with evil energy. Shovel-boy states that no one was responsible and it was collateral damage, with Death Locket crying she’s sorry about it and Nico tries to use her magic to fix him.

In the meantime, Maria Hill, Ant-Man, and Captain America go over the events, stating that he was there to retrieve the prisoner because he was an agent of SHIELD. Ant-Man wants to get the kids back, Maria Hill not so much, with Captain America taking the middle-ground and stating Bagalia isn’t someplace they could raid that easily. Basically a lot of foreshadowing some things are going to go down in a few issues.

With Zemo the prisoner is the architect behind SHIELD’s information network. Naturally he’s a game changer in if they have him they can go off-grin and be untouchable, so AIM tried to get his head cracked open but failed because he’s been trained by telepaths and made resistant. He was not, however, resistant to a demonic monster possessing him, so the Bad Guys win.

Back with Nico, she’s watching as the evil scientist doctor work on Chase while thinking she’s responsible for this since she convinced him to stay and eventually loses her patience and wants to help him with her magic. Apparently those blows to the head caused some brain trauma (shovel-boy) and the doctor tells her not to because she doesn’t know what they hell she’s doing, which she doesn’t, so she goes back to her place thinking that good isn’t working for her and she’s going to try being bad for a change and making out with Alex.

We then go to Cammi, who’s locked up behind Zemo’s Living Room, trying to figure out how to escape when her neighbor keeps annoying her. As the comic ends we discover that neighbor is none other than Arcade, who’s in the cell next to her. Alive.

Okay, Review time…

Well, as controversial as this series is, it does show some of the key points of the Runaways. It shows that Nico still has a habit of clinging to romances when she feels troubled and stressed, as well as the fact that of the original Runaways Alex was the strategist, which gives a plausible reason for him being kept around. Providing that it’s really him and not some hell-spawn Daimon molded to his image. She also has a habit of taking betrayal’s badly, so Death Locket is in some deep trouble if Nico ever figures out she’s responsible.

We all figured Zemo planned this, but what was the point of keeping Arcade alive? All that’s going to do is screw his plans up later on.

Hmmm…. I’ll call it a 5 out 5.