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Magneto #6 Review

Magneto now has an outlet for his rage and he’s going to express it in Magneto #6. You’ll get my review here and now. So let’s dive into it, shall we?

The comic opens with two nameless SHIELD mooks following up on another Magneto slaughter. They show Scalphunter, a marauder clone, the same amount of respect they do the last few people who were victims of Magneto’s wrath, only he kind of deserves it. Magneto took extra steps to make sure this one survived, because after he cut off all his limbs he cauterized the wounds to make sure he couldn’t heal.

The story then skips to Magneto going through their ranks after his new partner-in-crime gave him a leg up on them. Because they’re clones and when one cell is killed another cell activates, he’s got a lot of work to do. She leaves him to it, but suggests that rather than simply breaking them he should keep them for himself.

Magneto, as he watches over the ones fleeing from him, recalls how the Morlock Slaughter on the orders of Sinister, just because they were imperfect. It was genetic cleansing, something Magneto is all too familiar with, and in his time as a villain he at least never made his followers kill mutants in the name of genetic cleansing and betray their entire race. Ultimate Magneto did, but not mainstream one.

He kills Harpoon with a crane before nearly passing out after killing Riptide. The rest move in to finish the job, recalling he’s nowhere near as powerful as he used to be. He still gets past there defenses, revealing that he’s already discovered how to do so through some metallic fluid that lets him drive it right into their brains because it’s the third time he’s done it. When they ask why he’s killing them when they are mutants, he proclaims they don’t fit his definition of mutant because of their actions.

As the comic ends it is revealed that by leaving Scalphunter alive he’s found another cell ready to be activated and can reprogram them to serve his will.

Okay, Review time…

Nice to see that the new girl is earning her keep already and the story is progressing, but the art work felt a little worse than usual on my eyes. I’ll call it a 4 out of 5.

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