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Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #3 Review

Well, after Miles did what may have been the dumbest thing I could think of at the moment, I can’t wait to pick up where we last left off. So here’s my thoughts and opinions as I review the third issue of Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man.

The story starts out at the Daily Bugle where one of them is trying to pitch a story about Spider-Men when JJJ shuts him down, citing he doesn’t want any half-truths and that he wants the whole and real story. He does this while there’s a plaque of his old Spider-Man story claiming him to be a menace, which he lampshades and then states he wants a story about heroes being heroes or something he could use. Right on cue, he gets reports on Norman Osborn being alive.

At the police station some crazy guy dressed as Ms. Marvel is spouting about how the Earths are converging and will soon be one, which was the rumors going around last year about Cataclysm and the Ultimate Line ending, so touché Marvel. Maria Hill gets notice that one of the men the spider guys had beaten died in the ER, making it a murder. She then gets a note about Miles’ parents and sets off to find him.

Back with the idiot, by that I mean Miles this time, he just dropped the bombshell of his secret identity on his girlfriend and she bails out. Ganke gets on his ass about it, but before he can catch up to her Maria Hill just comes up and tells him to get in the car. He straight up runs and switches to invisible mode despite Ganke telling him not to, only to wait until she’s gone to uncloak himself. Then they learn that Osborn is alive and Miles goes to Aunt May’s house because that’s the first place he’ll visit and cause damage.

Speaking of Osborn, the FBI fucked up so they call in former SHIELD director Monica Chang and storm Osborn Industries to catch him. They find the man in his secret lair, dressed in a nice suit and haircut. He basically calls Monica a patsy, citing she’s just not as good as Nick Fury was, and then he sets her face on fire, kills the guards, crashes a helicopter on top of her, and blows the place up. Dick.

Miles finally makes it to Aunt May’s house, learning the hard way that having no web-shooters makes things far more difficult to travel. Thankfully Aunt May and Gwen aren’t around at the time. Not thankfully, Green Goblin shows up and it’s looking like we’re getting a repeat of the Death of Spider-Man as the comic ends.

Okay, review time…

Well, I loved this issue. The art was nice for the most part, not as crisp as before but still decent, and we have a redux of the most critical point of the last story while both a “Peter Parker” and Green Goblin are around. Here’s hoping that someone actually shows up to help, otherwise the death of a second Spider-Man by the same villain is going to look really bad.

5 out of 5!

All-New X-Factor #10 Review

Well, after that fallout last issue I’m glad they’re addressing it a week later. So here’s my review of All New X-Factor 10!

The comic opens with Polaris dusting herself off along with her brother and Cypher. Somehow nobody, not even the middle-aged woman, was injured when Memento Mori basically dropped a house on them. Still, she calls Harrison Snow up and tells him to get the rest of their team over there so they can get to superheroing.

Georgina’s father proves himself to be a somewhat smart and reasonable villain in that he’s basically paid off her mother, after dropping a house on her and kidnapping her daughter, so she can buy a new house. He’s taken her to a mall and 5-star hotel he owns through legitimate means, which superheroes that care about collateral damage can’t simply run rampant through to get her back. Of course he picks up the idiot ball and becomes an asshole when he forces her to show him her power, which she uses to mummify his hand and escape.

Gambit, worried that Harrison learned about his little fling with his wife, is taken to the matter transporter room with Danger and Warlock. They join up with the rest and get to the mall just as the guards decide to tranquilize Georgina. Cypher and Warlock, who turns into a motorcycle, get her out of there just as Harrison learns from Linda about Gambit tapping his wife last night.

As the comic ends with them being teleported out while the rest of Memento Mori and his men close in, Gambit just so happens to get left behind and left to the villain’s mercy after talking trash.

Okay, review time…

Well, this issue was fun and informative. Although I have to say it’s kind of petty of Harrison to leave the man to die just because he inadvertently slept with his wife. He’s sleeping with Linda, so what’s the problem? You don’t throw away an asset like that…

Anyway, 5 out of 5.

Magneto #6 Review

Magneto now has an outlet for his rage and he’s going to express it in Magneto #6. You’ll get my review here and now. So let’s dive into it, shall we?

The comic opens with two nameless SHIELD mooks following up on another Magneto slaughter. They show Scalphunter, a marauder clone, the same amount of respect they do the last few people who were victims of Magneto’s wrath, only he kind of deserves it. Magneto took extra steps to make sure this one survived, because after he cut off all his limbs he cauterized the wounds to make sure he couldn’t heal.

The story then skips to Magneto going through their ranks after his new partner-in-crime gave him a leg up on them. Because they’re clones and when one cell is killed another cell activates, he’s got a lot of work to do. She leaves him to it, but suggests that rather than simply breaking them he should keep them for himself.

Magneto, as he watches over the ones fleeing from him, recalls how the Morlock Slaughter on the orders of Sinister, just because they were imperfect. It was genetic cleansing, something Magneto is all too familiar with, and in his time as a villain he at least never made his followers kill mutants in the name of genetic cleansing and betray their entire race. Ultimate Magneto did, but not mainstream one.

He kills Harpoon with a crane before nearly passing out after killing Riptide. The rest move in to finish the job, recalling he’s nowhere near as powerful as he used to be. He still gets past there defenses, revealing that he’s already discovered how to do so through some metallic fluid that lets him drive it right into their brains because it’s the third time he’s done it. When they ask why he’s killing them when they are mutants, he proclaims they don’t fit his definition of mutant because of their actions.

As the comic ends it is revealed that by leaving Scalphunter alive he’s found another cell ready to be activated and can reprogram them to serve his will.

Okay, Review time…

Nice to see that the new girl is earning her keep already and the story is progressing, but the art work felt a little worse than usual on my eyes. I’ll call it a 4 out of 5.