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Robin’s blown secret identity

Arousing Grammar

It’s a normal day at Gotham County High School.  No supervillains unleashed deadly chemicals into the water fountains.  No bad guys let loose dangerous wild animals throughout the halls.  No evildoers stashed explosives in the lunch meat.  But Tim Drake wishes any of those would have happened instead of what actually occurred.  Y’see, being Batman’s partner takes not just incredible skills and intelligence, but the ability to lie your balls off to anyone you care about.  And today in Robin #124-125, written by Bill Willingham and drawn by Francisco Rodriguez De La Fuente, poor Robin receives a massive blow that won’t heal with a few bandages and some pills.



So when Robin’s job involves leaping on rooftops and karate chopping criminals, he’s bound to receive a few scratches and bruises along the way.  But having to explain to his father that a football smacked him in the eye as…

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