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Civil War: Mr. Fantastic & Invisible Woman, Pt. 2

Arousing Grammar

As we left off, the Richards’ marriage took a turn for the worse like all marriages do when couples discuss politics.  Sue caused a million dollars in property damage and Reed instinctively almost tried to punch her.  Though as far as superhero couples go, the fight’s still pretty plain.  Emma Frost could turn Cyclops into a mutant vegetable before he could even finish raising his middle finger.  Storm could summon enough electricity to ignite Black Panther’s heart into royal ash before he would even finish taking a threatening step towards her.  Though to be fair to Sue, if she wanted, she could explode Mr. Fantastic’s brain into a pile of genius goo with a simple nonchalant hand wave.  In summary, Marvel women are super dangerous.

After the Invisible Woman leaves to go collude with other criminals, Mr. Fantastic goes about his usual business.  Y’know, helping Iron Man destroy anything resembling a former…

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