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Wind Monk Banishment #2

Naruto: Wind Monk Banishment 2

Author Notes:

Some Question came up in the reviews and I want to address them right now.

I admitted I got the original idea from “Tempered by Spiritual Fire” by Malciah, but it is not the same story and I do not consider them the same story…although if Malciah is reading this, I await your continuation. You rock.

Naruto CAN use ninjutsu, but not any that require hand seals…well technically he can, but the pain from the seals will shoot his control to hell. Instead, things like Rasengan and Gale Fist can be used and he does have access to Wind Nature chakra but since he can’t use shadow clones, we can’t infuse the wind chakra like normal, although he can do like Jiraiya does with the Fire Style: Great Flame Rasengan, applying the chakra outwardly rather than infusing it internally.

Naruto isn’t a complete powerhouse, he still has stamina to last longer, but he will not be able to simply defeat hundreds of shinobi like he’s Itachi or something. Naruto primarily fights using chakra-crafted weapons, and taijutsu, but he also uses seals as part of his strategies. Incidentally, because of Kisame’s sword devouring chakra by large amounts, that is his worst enemy.

Naruto has very little love left for Konoha, to the point where he values the few who stuck by him and would sooner burn down the village as a whole. He won’t be altering or removing the seals on the back of his hands anytime soon since it signifies the physical embodiment of the betrayal he felt.

A key element of the story is mostly hatred and sorrow, and the way they deal with it. Jinchuuriki who fully master their powers are required to defeat their own hatred and the hatred of the Bijuu, which love plays a huge role in doing so. What Naruto and Fuu have is love, but the years of suffering they’ve underwent prevent them from accessing the higher tier of power they possess until they can learn to forgive and let the past go, along with their growing relationship with each other and maybe some friends.

This story is rated “M” because of violence, swearing, and suggestive dialogue. I probably won’t write citrus scenes (why H scenes are named after a type of fruit I’ll never know), but I will allude to them for humor or to show compassion and comfort, since this takes place around the time of Shippuden and they aren’t preteens.

Now, onto the violence!

Chapter 2

In the forest surrounding the hidden village of Taki, a green-haired woman, with mint-green hair, orange eyes, and a caramel skin tone slept blissfully in her home. The village would not waste resources on building her a house once they kicked her out, not that she trusted most them to not line the thing with explosive tags. Luckily her tenant used a bit of its power to compel the insects in the forest to lend a helping hand.

They gnawed through the bark of one of the thickest trees they could find and hollowed out the trunk with such precision and smoothness that you could rub your bare skin across the wood and feel the cool touch, right down to your bones without getting a splinter. This was done using a combination of certain fluids that the insects produced to cause a chemical reaction similar to running a wax buffer across everything. It was roughly the size of a master bedroom and a half, with notches hollowed out for storing things, her bed was spun through the use of foliage and silk, and her essentials were bought to her personally by Shibuki, whom she actually trusted.

Her modest but alluring figure was outlined by the smooth and sensationally soft sheets that Naruto had bought for her during his last visit. Naruto kept a very generous sum of money in one of the many sealing arrays drawn in invisible ink on his skin, earned through his ridiculous luck in casinos and he learned to budget well in his travels. He told Fuu he’d like to restore his mother’s village one day and with what he made, it wouldn’t take too long.

The pair spent quite some time under them, enjoying each other’s company. Just recalling the nights they spent in the throes of passion and loving embrace afterwards left her breathing slightly labored…

Not to be a downer,” her tenant spoke from her mindscape, destroying her wondrous reminiscent moment. “The little guys are clamoring that two dangerous guys have entered the forest.

By little guys, it meant the smaller insects of the forest. Fuu stirred awake, silently swearing about being roused from her slumber, and mentally vowing to kill whoever it was that caused her tenant to force her awake.

That’s the thing Fuu-girl,” Choumei buzzed. “The little guys are saying that they smell like death, that they have the scent of fresh blood, one of them has a scratched out forehead protector with the village’s emblem…and apparently one of them swears more than you did that night that Kurama’s host did that thing with—

“Okay, I get it.” Fuu sent out orders to have the insects gather more intel, while she got dressed in her orange combat bra and panties, sleeveless white midriff shirt, long white arm warmers, fishnet armor and shorts, and short white apron skirt. She took the orange hair clip that Shibuki’s father had gotten her when she was younger and pinned it to her hair, while placing a necklace that had a charm sealed in amber—given to her by Naruto after she successfully signed the Beetle contract—around her neck, and tied her forehead protector around her arm. Lastly, she looked over to a wooden cylinder that was almost as long as she was, lying against the trunk wall.

The wood had an intricate design and was made from the finest trees grown from the First Hokage, whom gave the village Choumei in the first place. It was a gift for the first Jinchuuriki, to serve as a hive for the beetles that served her like a queen would for an Aburame. It was divided into layers on the inside, and the insects were nurtured on chakra and the wood, which could actually repair itself with a little help from Fuu.

A portion of Fuu hated the First Hokage, almost wishing that assassination mission that a long-dead missing-nin failed on was successful. It was because he gave the village Choumei that she suffered. But somehow, she doubted that he knew the village would treat the host of the Bijuu like animals, seeing as Naruto told her that according to the memories Kurama shared, his wife was the first one.

She blamed Choumei at first, but the Nanabi didn’t ask to be sealed away. She’d be lying if she didn’t say that a small part of her blamed Shibuki and his dad for her treatment, even though they were the most humane people in the village towards her. She hated her parents, whom Shibuki’s father told her left after she was chosen to be the next container on the fact that she was simply born at the wrong place and wrong time, unlike Naruto’s who died protecting him.

The First Hokage, Shibuki, and his father may have played a role in her fate, but they at least understood the consequences and accepted their part in it, unlike her parents and the villagers who abused her. She would have accepted death without hesitation if she didn’t meet Naruto and the comfort he bought. She practically threw herself into a relationship with him over the course of the full month they spent together after he left the Land of Iron, and thanks to a certain series of orange colored books she pilfered from a Kusa-nin that tried to infiltrate the village, she didn’t mind if he bought a friend along…

Wrapping the hive cylinder inside a cloth and strapping it to her back, she sprouted two wings and took flight through the forest.

With Hidan and Kakuzu

“The sacrifices from earlier said the Nanabi should be somewhere around here, but it’s a goddamn maze of trees and bugs…” a man with slick-back silver hair and purple eyes commented. “Kakuzu, you know this place right? Is it close yet?”

“I don’t think we’ll need to go in any further, Hidan…” the tanned man with a black mask, empty green eyes, and a slashed Taki forehead protector. “She found us.”

Fuu landed a dozen feet away from the duo, withdrawing her wings.

“Mmn…” Hidan ran his hand through his hair, eying the Fuu up and down, before rubbing his hand together. “She’ll make a fine tribute.”

“We need her alive…” Kakuzu reminded his partner.

“Touch me and I’ll take your arms off,” Fuu put her hands on her hips. “I don’t know what you two are doing here, but this forest is mine. Get out, or I’ll show you how I keep my carnivorous friends fed.”

“Feisty! I’ve got this one!” Hidan licked his lips. “I can’t wait to get a taste of your blood. She’s mine and mine alone!”

“Fine by me,” the other man shrugged. “There’s no bounty on her anyway. Considering who trained her, she’ll probably be a water type with some lightning moves, but we’re far enough from any water source outside the atmosphere and any she generates. Just don’t underestimate her.”

“Come get some!” Fuu held her right hand out. Water gathered from the air and formed droplets, clumping together and solidifying into a curved blade that she held in front of her as she slid into a combat stance. “Hidden Waterfall Style: Water Slicing Blade!”

The priest unleashed a battle cry and charged. The two weapons clashed repeatedly, leaving sparks from the collision of hardened water and steel. Hidan savored the battle, trying to dig into her caramel flesh with his sharp tool and get at the fluids inside her to consume them and make them his own, their bodies joined in a bond beyond flesh.

The two eventually took the battle to the trees, running along the trunk diagonally and spiraling to the tip, where the priest unleashed a strong blow using the cable and she blocked, but it knocked her into the air. He jumped, spinning the scythe above his head before he swung it down. Fuu blocked once again, but was smashed straight into the ground and left a crater.

She clenched her teeth and lunged backwards, avoiding the motion he made to pierce her with his tool, resisting to the bitter end. He truly enjoyed the game of cat and mouse, where all he needed to do was get a single lick of her life blood. He tossed the scythe past her and it anchored into the ground, where the cable retracted and started pulling him in closer before she could react. He wrapped his fingers around her throat…

“Hands off, I’m taken!” The Water Slicing Blade cleaved through the priest’s non-dominant arm at the shoulder with little resistance, and she followed up with a thrust through his chest and a kick to dislodge him from the blade, tossing his corpse to the scythe planted in the ground.

“One down,” Fuu turned to the green eyed, masked man who just shook his head. The insects of the forest sent a series of inaudible signals to Fuu, who dove to the left and avoided the triple-bladed scythe, looking at the not-dead priest.

“Damn, my arm!” Hidan swore. “Kakuzu, get my arm back on so I can maim this bitch.”

“Kakuzu?” Fuu recalled the name from the list of Taki missing-nin she was forced to memorize, along with her former master’s. Another series of signals had Fuu flip back to avoid a sharp net of black threads coming from the heart stealer. “Was that…Earth Grudge Fear?”

“Seems like you’re informed,” Kakuzu mused. “My old village was at least smart enough to have their weapon recognize certain techniques. I thought they would hamper your knowledge and abilities, since your former master was also a missing-nin. That might be why the poor bastards we caught were so quick to give you up.”

He was right, to an extent. Fuu had been trained by Suien before he became a missing-nin, who saw her as a weapon. He treated her harshly in training, but it was still better than most of the villagers, which he pointed out repeatedly. He was planning to nurture her anger and turn it against the village, while using that trust and dependence on him when he came back to take the Hero’s Water.

Fuu had been out on a mission and was away from her home during his return and death at the hands of Naruto. She didn’t blame Naruto, Suien had stabbed Shibuki and considering he was the closest thing to a childhood friend she had, that rid her of all kind thoughts of the man, no matter how few. The fact that he turned traitor only made the villagers spurn her even more as the cause, leaving her to learn from experience with the techniques and strategies Suien taught her since no one else would.

At least until Naruto came along.

“You’re ancient…how are you still alive?” she muttered. Generally speaking there weren’t many old ninja due to their lifestyle. Only the very strong or very lucky lived that long. She looked at the priest, who should have been dead from the chest wound. “Both of you…neither one of you is normal.”

“This coming from someone with a demon sealed inside her,” Kakuzu rolled his eyes at the hypocrisy, sending some threads to reattach his partner’s arm. “I told you not to underestimate her. I’ll expect payment for this.”

“You and your fucking money!” Hidan rolled his arm to test it. “I swear to Jashin-sama, you are going to go down to hell and watch it burn for all eternity.”

“Hell runs on money, I’d be fine,” he snorted. “So, still want to try to take her alone?”

He didn’t answer, opting to go at her with the scythe again. Fuu dodged it and moved back to gain distance, but the range of the scythe’s cable made it difficult. Eventually, she landed and growled in a feral manner.

Let’s go, Lucky Seven! Fuu told her tenant.

You got it Fuu-girl!” Choumei responded, releasing its chakra. Fuu became shrouded and her chakra became greenish. Her cloak was fully formed and she sprouted a single tail.

“Hidden Art:—” The cylinder on her back released hundreds of smaller larva, who evolved at an accelerated pace and rapidly became flying, horned beetles with sharp mandibles. “Beetle Rush!”

The insects swarmed the priest that tried to avoid them, but they were too fast and numerous, latching onto him and impaling him with their horns, draining chakra from his body like needles in the process. Blood flowed from the wounds, and the beetles began to shine a brilliant green. Hidan tried moving but was unable to, so he shot a glance at his partner, who sighed.

Something shot out of Kakuzu’s cloak, a demonic tiger made of black threads and a mask. In a single moment, it breathed out a sea of flames that consumed Hidan with the beetles, and barreled towards Fuu. The jinchuuriki went through hand seals and took a deep breath. “Water Style: Water Wall!”

Fuu spit out an enormous amount of water converted by her chakra and spiraled around her. The heat met the waves and cooled, releasing steam that was only kept at bay by the spiraling shield redirecting it. Once the flames died down, Fuu released the wall.

“Kakuzu, what the hell man? You set my head on fire!” the priest of the cursed god whined while he patted out the flames, tangled in his cable somehow from swatting the beetles earlier.

“…Oops,” he replied half-heartedly, withdrawing his masked tiger back into his body. “My mistake.”

This is looking bad…I should regroup and try an indirect approach. Fuu withdrew the single tail, sprouted her wings while in cloak form, and took off again—only for the black threads around Kakuzu’s arms to fly out and pierce her limbs and body, avoiding vital spots. Two of the masks emerged and fired a combination of fire and lightning balls at her repeatedly, before slamming her into the ground and causing her cloak and wings to retreat.

“Who the fuck told you to interfere?” Hidan roared, finally getting his cable untangled.

“I saw an opening and I took it,” Kakuzu pointed out. “She can fly and this is her terrain, we’d never catch her if she took off.”

“Gah!” Fuu screamed, as the threads finished completely piercing her arms and legs to keep her pinned.

“Nothing personal girl, it’s just business,” the elderly man told her. “If you want to blame the village for turning you into a container, feel free.”

“You said you were taken before,” the dark priest said, releasing the scythe once again to pierce her. “I wonder if they’ll want what’s left after I’m done!”

“I’m sorry…” a tear fell from Fuu’s eyes, as scythe closed in. “Naruto…”

With Naruto

“Ngh!” Naruto’s left arm burned while he crossed the upper half of the Land of Fire, a scorching heat passing from the “Boundless Orange Step” seal he set up in conjunction with Fuu’s seal. It would only alert him when someone he applied his version of his father’s famous technique was in trouble. “Fuu’s in trouble!”

He disappeared in an orange flash, reappearing above Fuu near Taki. Seeing her pinned down and the incoming scythe blade, he pulled out the rod and poured chakra into the seal, shaping it into his monk spade. Tossing it at an angle, crescent end first, it flew and severed the threads holding her down, and then pinning the cable of the scythe down, throwing it off course.

“What the fuck?” Hidan looked up.

“Get away from her!” Naruto roared in anger, shaping a Rasengan three times the normal size and generating a chakra chain like his mother. Swinging it down like the hammer of justice, it smashed into Hidan and threw up a cloud of dirt and grass, leaving a crater in the ground with spreading cracks and one priest. “Rasengan Flail!

“Hmm…” Kakuzu caught a glimpse of Naruto’s face once the hood came down and he cradled Fuu. “Whisker marks…the Kyuubi container.”

“I’ve seen those cloaks before…Itachi and Kisame…” Naruto recalled the previous run in he had with the pair. “Are you after her because of her tenant?”

“What do you think, dumbass?” Hidan chuckled, getting out of the crater that Naruto’s Rasengan Flail pounded him into and freeing his weapon. A good portion of the cloak and a bit of his skin was torn from the rotation and impact of the blow. “Although it goes against my religion to take you two alive, you’re still Akatsuki’s prey!”

“Dumbass, don’t give away information like that…” Kakuzu berated him.

“What the fuck does it matter?”Hidan rolled his shoulder. “He and his little bitch are coming along with us. As a bonus, we get to piss off Itachi and Kisame!”

Fuu, can you stand?” Naruto asked her softly, she nodded and stood weakly. Naruto got in front of her, grabbing his rod off the ground, and stood between her and the others. “Get ready to fall back, you’re better at guerilla tactics and I’m better at close range.

“Don’t underestimate them, or you’ll die…” Kakuzu warned him.

“Fuck that to goddamn hell!”

“You should listen to your partner,” Naruto told Hidan, making a gesture behind his back for Fuu to get ready to act. Fuu caught the signal. “I pity him for having to work with someone like you. I think I would’ve killed you by now, if I were him.”

Okay…” she whispered under her breath, before she inhaled subtly.

“If only I could…” Kakuzu sighed.

“Hidden Art: Hiding in Scale Powder!” Fuu exhaled, releasing a cloud of powder over the area. Naruto closed his eyes as light reflected off the powder and showed why Choumei means ‘Light Bringer’ to the two. Utilizing the distraction, Kakuzu and Fuu wisely used the chance to get some distance and hide, while Naruto stepped back from the swearing priest, who was flailing his scythe about, and started gathering his chakra.

“Where’d the bitch go?” Hidan looked around. “Fine, I’ll get her after I take care of you. That damn hit hurt!”

“You’ve made two mistakes today,” Naruto built up his chakra to the point that an aura was forming around him. “The first mistake you made was attacking Fuu…”

“Oh yeah?” Hidan chuckled, as he twirled his chained scythe in hopes of getting a taste of the new jinchuuriki. “What was the second?”

“Hiding or not, you and the other one are still in my territory.” Naruto clapped his hand and closed his eyes, visualizing a square around him, extending in all directions for up to several hundred meters. Opening his eyes suddenly and exhaling, he released the aura in a burst and created the invisible sealed space, filling it with chakra that caused the zombie duo’s skin to tingle as it washed over them, only visible sensors or those who can see chakra.

Eight Spade Art: Temple of Enlightenment…Naruto thought, having no intention of announcing his technique’s name. He could feel the presence of everything in his territory, and the amount of chakra floating all around would mask the original as long as he did not channel more. Even the location of Fuu, who was hidden within the foliage roughly fifty meters away, and the heart stealer, hiding to the northwest on the tree branch, behind a thicket of leaves, did not escape him.

Normally the technique was used in a burst rather than a maintained area, but with his reserves that wasn’t a problem. The main downside was that maintaining the shape of the territory made using the Rasengan even more difficult since it was the highest level shape manipulation, so he held out his foot long rod. The seals on it made it easier to maintain the form of weapons that he visualized, a mode-lock on the shape, so to speak.

The kid has been missing for four years…Kakuzu released one the mask that held his lightning heart. It spouted threads and took a form of a bipedal…thing that couldn’t be considered natural. Better play it safe and risk one heart to see what he’s capable of, instead of being caught off guard…

He felt the scythe blades displacing his chakra and approaching him from the front, at a left diagonal angle, so he formed the image of a sword he found in the hidden at Uzushio. It was double edged and straight, unlike the katanas commonly used, and had the crest of the Uzumaki clan on it. Releasing chakra into the rod, a chakra-version of the blade shaped with the rod as the handle. Sharpening the edges of the chakra, he swung it in an arch and deflected the blades into the ground, releasing a pulse of the sharpened chakra in the process.

The technique, the Destruction Strike, was a skill taught to the samurai at the Land of Iron. The crescent arc flew and cut into the jashinist’s torso. His blood painted the grass, and the force knocked him back a few feet.

“Fucking hell! That hurt you bastard!” Hidan roared. Withdrawing his scythe, he charged at Naruto, when the blonde felt lightning chakra enter his domain from above and leapt back, the bolt barely piercing his cloak and tearing off a handful of cloth. He avoided the rain of thunder and felt the displacement coming from his right side, forcing him to duck and release another arch of sharpened chakra at Hidan, carving a chunk out of his stomach, before dodging again.

“He’s good…he avoided Lightning Release: False Darkness without looking,” Kakuzu mused. “Let’s test how good…”

The creature leapt through the trees and fired the bolts like tendrils. Naruto dodged, until Hidan closed the gap and tried a frontal assault. The two warriors danced, dodged, and ducked the blade that their opposite wielded while bolts lashed out and tried to hit them…well, Naruto dodged completely, Hidan…not so much.

“Watch it, Kakuzu!” Hidan screamed, smoke rising from his body due to the repeated strikes.

Hidden Art: Insect Gathering…” Fuu muttered from her hiding place, her chakra spread out in the form of a net that scoured a wide radius of the forest. All the insects of the forest gathered to her, feeding on the lines of chakra and committed themselves of her command. She sent them out to deal with the heart stealer, while her Naruto dealt with the priest.

“Enough!” Naruto shot chakra chains from his left hand to bind Hidan, and severed his scythe wielding arm and the cable in the process. Those odd angled attack were a pain to deal with.

“Twice! Really!” Hidan roared, but Naruto ignored him and kicked the man into a tree, before releasing another crescent wave at the masked biped. The creature avoided the incoming arch by dropping down to ground level.

Lightning element…Naruto smirked, and dashed forward. “Let me show you a trick I learned from a Nadeshiko kunoichi.”

Wind chakra was imbued upon his free fist. Avoiding the ball lightning that was shot towards him and avoiding lightning tendrils that invaded his territory, he cocked back the loaded fist. The mask harboring the lightning heart released a final burst of electricity that was too wide spread to avoid, but with lower potency. He collapsed his territory onto his body and formed a layer of dense chakra to shield himself as he broke through.

“HARDLINER: GALE FIST!” Naruto slammed the fist into the mask of the deformed bipedal, which halted for a moment and then cracked slightly. The shockwave from the blow was released and the force of the impact fully registered, as the mask was crushed to the point that pebbles were larger and the threads that stitched it together were shredded.

“Damn you!” Hidan roared while standing and tearing off his ruined cloak, pulling a collapsible long spike out in the process with his hand. Another Destruction Strike and his remaining arm was gone too. “Damn you again!”

“How are you not dead yet?” Naruto asked, while quietly sending chakra into the ground through his feet and manipulating the shape into chains.

“I’m immortal dumbass!” Hidan sneered.

“Wow…” Naruto rubbed his chin. “That’s unfortunate.”

“What are you smoking?” Hidan looked at him like he was an idiot. “How is being immortal unfortunate?”

“Well,” the chains shot out of the ground and bound the armless immortal. “For one, it means that you’ll live through the most painful experiences possible and suffer endlessly, such as if I were to place an explosive note on your head and trigger it. Also, that dust element technique I heard about while I was traveling would literally turn you to dust…I can’t imagine a worse hell that being dust and conscious.”

Naruto withdrew a black scroll. “I originally planned to use this on the masked bastard who led to the death of my parents, but I’ll just seal you away for eternity in his place. I can always make another sealing scroll later.”

For once Hidan looked scared. “Kakuzu…”

Uzumaki Sealing Art: Demonic Chains of Enforced Binding,” Naruto tossed the scroll into air. When it opened, countless black, barbed chains emerged with spiked tips. They speared into his flesh and the wrapped around it tightly, carving into his skin and letting the blood flow over them, before pulling him screaming.

“Kakuzuuuuuu—” The screaming stopped when the scroll rolled itself back up and the seal on it changed from black to red. Naruto grabbed it as it fell back down and sealed it into a storage seal written in invisible ink on his body.

“Well, there goes another one…” Kakuzu muttered while hiding, lamenting that he had to explain to their leader how another one of his partners were taken out. “I wonder how long until his immortality runs out if he doesn’t sacrifice someone…a few years, maybe?”

“Hmm…” Naruto eyed the scythe and spike. Shifting his eyes to the left and right, he put a bit of chakra into a seal on his body to store them in. “Not like he’ll need it anymore. I wonder if I can turn this guy in for a bounty in Yugakure…”

“Now, let’s find that other one…” Naruto tossed the chakra blade into the air and clapped his hands, expanding his territory once again. It spread out in a wave and picked up the heart stealer and Fuu’s locations, before dissipating and Naruto grabbed the rod that acted like the sword’s handle and fired another Destruction Strike.

Without warning Kakuzu suddenly leapt back and avoided a swarm of insects that attacked from all sides, gathered by Fuu. Leaning to his right, he avoided the attack from Naruto, who was closing in on him. Two jinchuuriki, short a partner, he was down a heart, and the new one still had some tricks left.

“I’d rather not take my chances for now or I might be forced to kill you both…” he said. “I don’t think Leader will be too angry since I’ve gotten some good info.”

“You think you can escape?” Naruto asked sarcastically.

“Not if I don’t do something to draw your attention,” Kakuzu released the fire and wind masks. The two danced, before opening their mouths. “Fire Style: Searing Migraine, Wind Style: Pressure Damage.”

“Oh hell…” Naruto swore, having seen combination techniques in the past. Stomping the ground and pumping his chakra into it before shaping it, he created chakra chains beneath the surface and sent them around him and Fuu, dropping his territory since it would serve no purpose once the attack scattered his chakra and the control he had over it from the sheer force of the two colliding, combustible elements. The barriers were formed the wind fed flames erupted it a storm of fire and heat.

Trees and forest life were forced out of the ground by the pressure, eaten by the flames, and killed by the heat. The barriers held, but were cracking fast, causing Naruto to force more chakra into the both of them and repair themselves even faster. The heart stealer had dove underground and left the scene by the time the damage had been done and Naruto dropped the barrier and recreated his territory for a split second.

Muttering a string of swear words that both Tayuya and Hidan would compliment him on, he ran back to Fuu and picked up her battered body. The gashes on her caramel skin from the threads of the heart stealer were leaking her precious life blood. Quickly removing her outer clothing, Naruto applied the healing salve he had in hopes of slowing down the bleeding, but he needed more time to treat her or let Choumei start healing her.

He had to get away in case Akatsuki came back to finish the job, which was a damn near guarantee since the smart one managed to get away. The only good thing about this fiasco was one of them was sealed away and this was the chance he told Shibuki about. This was the only chance he had to take her away.

“Fuu,” Naruto stroked her cheek. “They’ll come back for you and this village would sooner see you dead than defend you. If we leave right now we can get away and they’ll think Akatsuki captured you, but you have to leave your things at you home behind or they’ll get suspicious.”

“…I…” she didn’t know what to say. This was a chance for her to leave her past behind and stay by his side. The only things she really treasured were the hair clip she had, her hive cylinder, and the necklace that Naruto gave her.

Naruto’s eyes said he would protect her as best he could, and if she wanted to stay, he’d lurk in the shadows and protect her from there, even at the cost of his life, or the risk of being captured by Konoha or Akatsuki. With a few silent words from Choumei as well, she came to her decision.

“I know somewhere we can hide until I’m healed…” she said, as she removed her forehead protector from around her arm and left it by the shreds of Hidan’s Akatsuki cloak. Naruto threw his own tattered cloak around her and took off with her in his arms.

“When we get there, tell me everything about the one that got away,” he urged her. “I have the feeling we’ll be seeing him again, and information is a part of winning battles.”

Akatsuki Hideout

“We got the Sanbi from the lake,” Kisame chuckled. “It was more of a threat when Yagura had control over it.”

Pain’s projection looked at the empty spot, indicating someone was missing. Kakuzu sighed and faced up to it. “We didn’t get the Nanabi and I’m short a partner…again…”

“I thought you said you couldn’t kill him?” Sasori mused.

“I hope you didn’t fail because of your temper…” Pain said slightly mad since S-class ninja don’t grow on trees and he’d been paying for anger management classes so he didn’t have to keep replacing them.

“It wasn’t me…this time,” Kakuzu said, gaining the attention of the others. “The fox container interfered.”

“What?” Kisame’s projection scratched its chin. “I thought he was somewhere in the Land of Wind, or maybe the lower half of the Land of Fire.”

“He just popped up out of nowhere and rescued the Nanabi. I think they have a relationship considering all things.”

“Aw, young love,” Kisame said mockingly…they think. “Right, Itachi?”

Itachi just stayed quiet and listened.

“He had good combat synergy with her in timing attacks, and seemed to know some decent tactics,” Kakuzu looked at Kisame. “I thought you said he was an idiot…”

“He was the last time we met…” Kisame shrugged.

“Not anymore,” Kakuzu corrected. “Once Hidan ran his mouth off about his immortality, he sealed him with some technique I never seen before. He had some kind of sensory technique that used his chakra and let him avoid attacks he couldn’t possibly have seen coming without the Byakugan. He shattered one of my masks with a wind-based taijutsu technique he said he picked up in his travels, along with some of Tetsu’s samurai techniques, barriers and bindings, and I’m pretty sure those two work as well as any of our teams.”

Kisame whistled. “Kid’s gotten better. I’m gonna enjoy when we meet again.”

“Out of all of us, Kisame would stand the best chance since he relies on chakra constructs,” Kakuzu added. “That being said, I would take two teams to ensure his capture.”

“It would seem so,” Pain added in. “We’ll need to devote more information gathering into what he’s capable of and where he’s been. If he and the Nanabi are traveling together, we may have to move them to the last targets and strike in conjunction. Kakuzu, work together with Zetsu and gather some information on his movements and do some bounty hunting until we move onto the next one. If he does turn in Hidan for the bounty, we’ll have Zetsu reclaim it.”

“May as well let them enjoy it now before we tear them apart,” Kisame shrugged. The rest looked at him with wide eyes. Even Itachi looked at him with a slightly raised eyebrow.

“What?” he asked, silently thinking, I can’t show a little respect for one of the few things in this world that probably isn’t made of lies? I mean come on, two jinchuuriki falling in love and sharing their pain?

“At least we don’t have to hear a stream of swearwords every time we meet now?”

They all silently agreed…maybe they should let him stay in the scroll…

“Regardless…” Pain grabbed their attention. “Deidara and Sasori, how long until you can go after the Ichibi?”

“I have a meeting with a few of my spies this week about the traitor’s movements and various other Jinchuuriki locations,” Sasori thought about it for a second. “I don’t like keeping people waiting. Five days should be enough time.”

“Good. Itachi and Kisame, head after the Gobi,” Pain vanished, along with the rest.

In Fuu’s Hiding Place

To the north of Taki, was a deep cave that Fuu’s insects informed her about when she was a child. It was hidden and was the home of a colony of glow worms that illuminated the ceiling above in the darkness, making it their nest. Having control over insects and wanting a place of her own, she made it a home away from home, just in case she just wanted to get away.

She was currently lying on a flatted stone with a sheet under her, while she was on her stomach, naked, as Naruto ran an ink brush over the area where her tailbone was. That was where someone decided to seal Nanabi into her body, and so to modify the seal, he needed her to strip…Honestly.

Fuu giggled like a school girl despite her injuries being only shallowly healed. The feel of the ink and brush on her skin as he applied the array was sensational.

“Alright Fuu,” Naruto put away the brush. “I’m going to modify your seal to access more chakra to speed up the healing process from now on and then modify my ‘Boundless Orange Step’ array to activate easier and carry more than one person.”

“Thank you, Naruto,” she said while still feeling ticklish from the ink. “Your father would be proud that you’re following in his footsteps.”

“I’m not following them exactly,” he said. “I can never be my father, nor will I try, but sealing is useful and attaching a seal to jump straight to your lover’s side is a brilliant idea…I only regret the fox showed me the memories of their…other activities as a couple.”

What’s wrong, kit?” Kurama chuckled. “I thought you’d enjoy seeing the night you were conceived.

“LIES AND WE BOTH KNOW IT!” Naruto snapped back. “You’re lucky I didn’t rearrange the seal to look like mom’s mindscape did.”

Fuu giggled at the argument between the two. “And then he told us when were in our joined mindscape how your parents were the inspiration for Jiraiya-sama’s works when Lucky Seven referenced to how similar they were.”

“Damn Pervy Sage for corrupting you with his trashy books!” Naruto’s eye-brow twitched.

“You should be thanking him,” Fuu smiled naughtily. “Half of the things I did that night were from his work—” she caught the look of terror on his face “—not the one with your parents.”

He breathed out a sigh of relief, before getting serious again. “Fuu, once I apply chakra to finish the changes, it’s going to hurt like the last time. I set up silencing seals, but…”

She took a deep breath and sat up, turning to face him. “Can you hold me?”

He obliged, kissing her on her lips in the process and allowing her to rest her head on his shoulder, as his hands made their way to the sealing array. “Ready?”

She nodded and he applied chakra. White hot pain entered her body and destroyed her thought processes, all her body’s pain receptors where firing into overdrive, and she let out a heart-rending scream and clenched his body tightly while sobbing. The pain lasted for only a minute, but to her it seemed like hours, and he hated to see her suffering.

Once the minute passed, she slumped forward and he held her tighter, whispering into her ears repeatedly two words: “I’m sorry.”

When her breathing stabilized, he laid her down gently. He didn’t like modifying her seal unless he felt it was necessary because the sealing used wasn’t exactly perfect. Seal masters were rare and few, and Taki was a small village that stayed secluded for their own protection.

Perfecting the seal would take more time since he had to repair it rather than start from scratch, slowly unraveling it and then fixing it. The process would last far longer and she might not survive the procedure without being in a hospital, attended by someone at a high-level of skill…

“Like Granny Tsunade…” he muttered without realizing the words that slipped out of his mouth until a second later. “No…she betrayed me…the village betrayed me!”

She was drunk at the time, she didn’t mean it…a softer voice in his head whispered, before he crushed the thought with the memories of the abuse he suffered at the hands of the villagers.

“Accident or not,” he snarled to himself. “I finally got freedom from that hell-hole…Granny Tsunade, I could forgive for her part in it with time, but the village as a whole, never!”

He shook himself out of his growing rage and focused on the next task at hand. He needed to inform Gaara of Akatsuki, and then deal with the summoning contract and send a message to Shibuki. Scribbling on the contact scroll, the words melted and would reappear on Gaara’s copy.

Biting his thumb and wiping blood over the stylized summoning seal on his arm, he clapped his hands and slammed them on the ground. “Summoning!”

Taki’s Village Council Meeting Room

“At least we only lost a few genin…and the monster is gone,” the elder Saki highlighted at the climax of the four hour long damage assessment meeting.

Shibuki wanted to be livid at their casual dismissal of Fuu, leaving in the hands of the monsters that devastated their forest and killed their men, but what was done was done. Shibuki still had hope though, as he clenched a bit of fabric in his pocket that he recognized as Naruto’s cloth from the last time they met. He found it when he inspected the battlefield, lodged between some of the debris.

Their last conversation was when Naruto snuck into the village at night undetected, and entered Shibuki’s office while he was alone and dealing with the enemy of all village leaders, no matter how large or small, paperwork. Naruto had a calm fury about him, controlled but volatile, and went on about how he expected Shibuki to have the villagers treat her better, not even bothering to hide his own status as a demon container. Shibuki claimed his point much like the late Third Hokage: he could order them, but they could still circumvent his orders in spirit and he lacked the power to enforce things.

Naruto flat out stated that she deserved a better life, and if he saw a chance and she wanted to leave, they couldn’t stop him. Akatsuki was the chance, and while Shibuki only had this small clue to go on, he was willing to place his hope that Naruto took the chance. Still, he was a leader and her friend damn it and he was going to take steps to make Fuu happy should she be alive.

“To be safe…” Shibuki gained the elders attention. “I’d like to pass a motion to have Fuu emancipated the village, even if postmortem.”

“Why so, young leader?” Saki raised an eyebrow.

“Konoha won’t be happy that the Bijuu we received from the First Hokage was taken lightly, and we won’t have the manpower necessary to try and find…let alone fight, the people who took Fuu. By emancipating her, we wave responsibility and can avoid political backlash if she somehow escaped their grasp.”

The debate was short-lived, as many of them didn’t even want Fuu back, even if she was alive. Being a demon container, on top of having been trained by Suien, made her a liability in their eyes, and if she somehow survived, they would have to waste manpower searching for her or protecting her. The reason emancipating someone wasn’t often done was because compared to a banishment or exile, the paperwork was much worse and no one wanted to write or even review it…

Which was good, since it would allow Shibuki to add in a few clauses that would benefit Fuu…if his hope in Naruto wasn’t misplaced. Politics was a pain to deal with, but no one said that good people were the ones who had to get screwed over.

When he made his way to his office to undergo the hellish torture of paperwork, he found a surprise waiting for him on his desk.

Are you Shibuki?” it chirped and he nodded. “I have a message from my boss.

Suna – 2 Days Later, Kazekage’s Office

Gaara was sitting in his office, still awaiting the arrival of a messenger from Naruto that would arrive soon. The contact scroll had showed a message sent by Naruto and it worried him quite a bit. It read:


There’s an organization that is hunting Jinchuuriki down called Akatsuki and they went after Fuu. I sealed the one known as Hidan of Yukagure away, but the other, Kakuzu escaped. From what Fuu said, he shouldn’t be alive and is listed as an S-class criminal in the Bingo Book, so check it when you get a chance. They claimed to have been working in the same group as Itachi and Kisame, two other S-class criminals who attempted to catch me several years ago.

Fuu is with me and I’m keeping her safe, but her village won’t protect her. Everyone but Shibuki believes that Akatsuki has captured her, and he had her emancipated so she’s not tied down anymore. I’ll send my summoning to set things up, wait for it to arrive in a few days.

Your Pal, Naruto Uzumaki

Gaara checked his Bingo Book and found all of them listed as S-class or Kage-level (a.k.a “Is the money really worth your life” to bounty hunters). That did not bode well if there was an organization of people like that after them.

But for now, he had to deal with the issue of his drunken brother.

“Kankuro…” Gaara droned. “I know you’re upset about how your date went…but maybe you should lay off the sake.”

“I’um fine…” the puppeteer hiccuped. “Youse got Matsuri, an I gots sake…”

It was then that there was a tapping at the window of the office and they saw what looked to be a…desert ferret, wearing an orange banana around its neck. It tapped again on the window and Kankuro opened it. It scurried to Gaara’s desk and sat up on its hind legs.

Are you Gaara of the Desert?” it asked in a squeaky voice.

Kankuro looked at the ferret, then his drink, and then the ferret again…then he dumped the sake out the window. “I think I shou go ta bed…n’ght!”

He left the room.

Umm…” the ferret sweat dropped. “Did I come at a bad time?

“No,” Gaara answered, activating a privacy seal. “It was actually highly convenient…and yes, I am Gaara of the Desert.”

It chirped happily. “Good. My boss sent for me and had me go all the way from Taki to get here in two days to see you.

“…Somehow, I never imagined he would sign a ferret contract…” Gaara mused, before he thought about where Naruto got it. The new Wind Daimyo had a lot of ferrets at her home, and given their resources, it wouldn’t have been a surprise that she would someone how land a contract with them and learn to mold chakra to use it.

Rumor has it she reverse summoned herself to their home and somehow charmed them into giving her the contract…

Dad said he didn’t seem like the type either,” the little ferret chuckled, before bopping itself on the head. “Oh right, I should explain. I’m a messenger ferret. I’m the slowest of the five fastest, but I require less chakra than my brothers and sisters, my name is Pace. Boss said for me to activate a seal he gave me in order to call him once I was in your office and you were alone.

It looked around the room, just to be sure, and then it jumped to the floor, sending chakra into the seal Naruto had given him to send the message to Naruto. An orange flash brightened the room, and two people suddenly appeared while Gaara walked around the desk.

“I don’t think I’ll get use to that…” Fuu muttered, wrapped in Naruto’s cloak and holding her head.

“It gets better after the tenth time…” Naruto said offhandedly, turning to Gaara. “Yo!”

“Interesting technique, Uzumaki…” the Kazekage looked at Fuu. “And you must be Fuu from Taki. I am Gaara of the Desert, Fifth Kazekage and Jinchuuriki of Shukaku.”

“Nice to finally meet you,” she said, hugging him in a friendly embrace. “Naruto has told me so much about you!”

“Well…this is new…” he droned, while Naruto chuckled nervously. The ferret chirped to get his attention.

Did I do good boss?” Pace asked.

“You did great, Pace!” Naruto tossed him a piece of dried meat that he kept in a storage seal. “Tell your dad that the seal I put on you and the others isn’t permanent.”

Kanna said that the ferrets loved the dried meat treats. Judging from the sparkles in Pace’s eyes, she wasn’t wrong…

Thanks!” the ferret said before vanishing in a plume of smoke.

“He reminds of Gamakichi and his brother…” Naruto sighed, wondering how those two were after all this time.

“Now that is handled…” Gaara, finally free of the girl, sat back in his chair. “Let’s start by sharing the information we know about this Akatsuki.”

Naruto and Fuu sat down in chairs and told him everything they knew: Hidan had some kind of immortality and they had to seal him away, Kakuzu actually fought the First Hokage and lived, not to mention what Fuu knew about the Earth Fear Grudge technique. Gaara made a mental note to request that Shibuki give him all the details.

“Before I was banished, Itachi and his partner Kisame tried to capture me,” Naruto wrapped up the last bit of information. “Pervy Sage—I mean Jiraiya was the one who drove them away, so he knows more on it I’m sure.”

“I’ll bring up the topic next time a Konoha group comes by…” Gaara told him. “In the past you would have been more eager to test yourself against such an enemy.”

“Maybe, but I was also a genin who won a match by farting on accident,” Naruto chuckled, before becoming dead serious. “These guys aren’t a joke Gaara, they’re hunting Bijuu, which takes major balls and personally, while Hidan was an idiot, he was skilled enough to warrant a threat. The book lists something about a ritual that made Hidan cause injuries to his opponent by licking their blood…if I didn’t have the training from the temple and my travels to fall back on or didn’t reach Fuu in time, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.”

“Good point.” Gaara acknowledged.

“Gaara, this means that you’ll be a target too, Kage or not.” Naruto looked him in the eye. “You’re my friend and I don’t want to risk leaving you in your own in case one of them comes after you, so I want to do to you the same thing I did to Fuu—Placing a seal that will allow me to jump to your location through a space-time jutsu. It was based on my father’s Flying Thunder God technique, but unlike him I can only place it on living things from animals to humans right now.”

“That technique was…”

“Yes, Minato Namikaze’s signature technique, along with the Rasengan,” Naruto nodded. “They were both my birthright as his and Kushina Uzumaki’s son.”

Gaara blinked and he nodded. “I’ve seen his picture and noticed the resemblance a few days ago, but I thought it would be best for you to tell me yourself. How no one in your village knew escapes me, let alone how they would treat their Fourth’s heir.”

“That’s part of the reason I no longer like Konoha,” Naruto said coldly. “Forget that I’m the son of the Fourth, I learned humility growing up, and rational thinking during my stay at the Wind Temple, but the fact that they would treat ANY orphan like they did over something they had no control over was something I’m not willing to overlook. That was the reason my mother hid her status as the previous Jinchuuriki of Kurama the Kyuubi.”

Naruto explained how someone manipulated the fact that when he was born the seal weakened. The masked man arrived and broke Kyuubi out to unleash his vengeance on Konoha. His father and mother died, but the Kyuubi caught the memory of them sealing their chakra into the seal.

“I am mad that Kurama inevitably did lead to my parents death, but the blame isn’t solely on him. It was the balance of power that the nations are striving for and the bastard who had a Sharingan that caused it all. Kurama and his siblings only followed the words of their father and they were betrayed by humanity. I’m working on making an array that will block out yin chakra from affecting them, rendering them immune to genjutsu. Jinchuuriki who have their partner’s backing are protected, but we can’t do the same to the Bijuu because we normally only pull out their chakra, not the other way around.”

“I see…” Gaara said, digesting the information. “I’ll consent to having the seal installed once it is finished, as well as the time-space technique. Shukaku and I aren’t on the best of terms, but even he doesn’t deserve to be enslaved to the point his own thoughts were manipulated.”

“I’d like to apply the seal as soon as possible,” Naruto said. “Also, can Fuu and I have a place to crash for a few days? I’ll need to get her some new clothes and things since we left most of her stuff behind. Shibuki had her things sealed away, but the ferret I sent out won’t be able to get it here for a few days.”

“You can stay at my manor,” Gaara said. His father had a place that could easily house ten people without any problems, and since the only people staying there were him, his siblings, and Matsuri, there was enough free space. Of course, Matsuri slept separate from Gaara for now, they couldn’t advance in their relationship for various reasons right now.

One was too nervous and the other was too stoic.

“By the way,” Gaara added. “The Wind Daimyo is still in the village. I believe she will be departing tomorrow morning. You should visit her beforehand.”

“I can’t wait to meet her,” Fuu chimed in. “I wanted to see the other girl who had my Naruto open up after his time in the Wind Temple. Can we go tonight? It’s not too late.”

Certain gears in Naruto’s head were turning at the thoughts. A night with two girls, one of whom has already consented into adding another one, and a good chance of the other being willing. He wouldn’t force it of course, but maybe if he taught Fuu how to use shadow clones—even though he couldn’t make the seals for it, he knew the proper chakra balance and could explain the signs and motions…

“Jackpot…” he muttered absentmindedly.

With a Certain Pervy Sage

“Something potentially wonderful for research is going to happen…” the white-haired sage, reached for a notebook but froze. “But where…?”

Konoha – 1 Day Later, Hokage’s Office

Tsunade wasn’t very happy right now.

Just when Naruto reappeared, the organization known as Akatsuki that Jiraiya was tracking started to move again. She received notice of the subsequent attack, capture, and then emancipation of Taki’s Jinchuuriki by Akatsuki judging from the scrap of cloak they sent. She needed to know where Naruto was, but the Wind Daimyo and Kazekage weren’t exactly being helpful at the moment.

The responses were written in formal tone, but the underlying message was clear from both of them:

Who I hire is none of your business since he isn’t yours anymore, from the Wind Daimyo.

He was here, but I didn’t have the authority or a reason to detain him nor inform you of his arrival at the time or future arrivals, from Gaara.

She didn’t blame them. Even though she reduced the civilian council by a third in the subsequent years, surprisingly with the Elders help, they were still a thorn to deal with. Although it helped that a few more of them were caught being involved in something they shouldn’t have been and killed in the process. She thinks Danzo might be cleaning house on the more liable members and sending a message to the rest.

He probably didn’t like the whole sealing the weapon’s abilities deal and the resulting fallout either.

Still, she had to send someone to Suna on the off chance that Naruto was there, to warn him of the danger and bring him back. Preferably by choice rather than force.

That was when the team walked in.

“Kakashi, Sai, Sakura, and Sasuke,” Tsunade called out to the jounin and his chuunin team. “You are to go to Suna and personally inform the Kazekage of some sensitive information involving a certain group. Unofficially, you are to see if Naruto Uzumaki is there and convince him to return to the village peacefully…force is an absolute last resort.”

“So, the rumors were true then…” Kakashi mused, a gleam of hope in his visible eye.

“You’d think ninja would know better than to spread rumors on sensitive information…” Tsunade rubbed her head. Neji hadn’t said anything to the public, but somehow the information leaked that he was in Suna with the Wind Daimyo and left in the cover of night, and that led to another council meeting.

“After all this time…” Sasuke closed his eyes. “We’ve finally gotten a lead on him. But can you honestly blame him for not wanting to return?”

“No, I can’t…” Tsunade added. “But, the information that Gaara needs passed along to him by Kakashi is relevant to why we need to get to him, for his own safety. We’ll have the village protect him like it should have been.”

Tsunade took great pride in the fact that she had broken the avenger’s desire to join Orochimaru. After he recovered, she personally dragged him off with Jiraiya for a week. Most of the public thought she put him under a genjutsu to make him more sympathetic to Naruto, but that wasn’t the case. Genjutsu would have been nicer.

Instead, she showed him the medical reports of what the cursed seal did to the Sound Five and how it devastated their organs and internal workings, how it affected their mentality, and then showed him all the experiments that they knew Orochimaru to do. That put a small wedge in his faith in the man, before they forced his sharingan to activate with a seal and memorize every detail and the pictures of the victims before and after he got done. That took about three days and with the sharingan, he wouldn’t forget it.

Then they took him into a separate room in the Hokage’s archives, filled with cabinets of reports that lined the room. They were all about Naruto. Every single incident he was blamed for and proven innocent, attempted murders, and other things. That took three more days and once again, he wouldn’t forget it.

Naruto knew pain even greater than his own, and now Sasuke knew it.

Lastly, she told him that there was evidence that Sarutobi left to Jiraiya, originally planning to have Jiraiya take the hat. When Jiraiya found out Itachi was in Akatsuki, he told Sarutobi and the old man informed him of what really happened to the Uchiha and what they were planning, leaving all the mission details and scrolls with Jiraiya, as well as a psychological evaluation of Itachi and Sarutobi’s personal thoughts on the fact that they believed Itachi wouldn’t kill the kids and he couldn’t have done it alone.

His brother was looking for death and had left him to do so and avenge the clan. He loved his family, but what they were planning to do…they were going to kill clan heirs and civilians in the process, children too, and weaken the village in their take over. His brother loved the village enough to betray his family in hopes of avoiding another war.

But honestly, he had horrible people skills.

Sasuke didn’t like what his family had become before their end, and he couldn’t completely forgive Itachi or the village. He wasn’t loyal to the village itself, but for Tsunade to open his eyes to his mistake in trying to follow Orochimaru and revealing a truth the rest would let be taken to the grave, he had trusted her and the pervert sage for the better part of four years.

It also helped that they didn’t constantly try to kiss up to him. When will people learn?

Sakura said nothing, wisely. She had too damn much potential to not be a medic, but the little tart was still nursing a grudge over her precious Sasuke being hurt and blaming the fact that he wouldn’t return her affections on that. Honestly, how did she expect the mission to end when he left on his own free will, there was going to be fighting involved.

Kakashi went through the motions of having lost a student regardless and realized he could have done a better job with both Naruto and Sakura. He tried to put more effort into teaching Sakura in the genjutsu department now, but she wouldn’t stand out more until she stopped trying to win Sasuke’s heart and blaming it on Naruto.

Sai…well, he’s Sai. That should explain enough.

“You leave in two hours to head towards the border between the Land of Wind and the Land of Fire,” she ordered.

More Notes:

Eight Spade Art: Temple of Enlightenment – A skill taught to the Eight Wind Spades and their apprentices, it expands a shell of chakra and molds it into a shape, typically a square, before and filling it with chakra using shape manipulation. It refers to enlightenment by utilizing the area to sense the disturbances in the chakra, to become aware of everything. His area can increase simply due to the fact that he has enormous reserves. Due to the concentration involved, using high level skills such as Rasengan become a far greater burden.

Rasengan Flail: A combination of Chakra Chain and the Rasengan, his mother and father’s techniques. The Rasengan in maintained by the chakra sent through the chain.

Destruction Strike: A skill used by the Samurai of Iron, the attack fire crescent shaped blasts of sharpened chakra.

Hidden Art: Beetle Rush: Fuu releases larva and speeds up their lifespan to adult beetles and sends them rushing at an enemy. They can drain chakra with their horns and cause physical damage.

Uzumaki Sealing Art: Demonic Chains of Enforced Binding: Impales targets with demonic and barbed chains, which drags the victim into the scroll after entrapping them.

Boundless Orange Step: Naruto’s version of his father’s technique, it can only anchor itself to a living object because of his lack of skill in the art of sealing compared to his father.

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