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Beast loves Agent Brand

Arousing Grammar

Poor Beast.  He dated a little bit before he mutated into the blue animal he is today, but once he became the world’s smartest yeti, the whole dating scene got a little tougher.  But if the Thing can do it, why not Beast?  Well, there’s a big difference between the two: precedents.


Bestiality’s the difference.  You see, we’ve known for centuries that dating animals is not only gross, but also way against any rules of society.  Orange rock monsters though?  Society doesn’t have any misgivings against that.  Yet.

Don’t feel bad though, because despite the smell and shedding, Beast has quite a few things going for him.  First, he’s easily one of the ten smartest people in the world — Mr. Fantastic will totally call him up occasionally to schmooze science.  That and Beast’s super strength, super agility, and being a founding member of the X-Men.  He can do better…

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