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Wolverine vs. Fantastic Four, Daredevil

Really, jealousy Logan? Even while reprogrammed?

Arousing Grammar

It’s Friday and we’ve all had a busy week.  I could write up a lengthy article on the development of characters through the past events of their lives, but who wants to read that to end their week? Instead, let’s have Wolverine claw at superheroes.

So, Wolverine #20-25, volume 3, written by Mark Millar and drawn by John Romita Jr., had this fantastic idea that the most powerful of the ninja cults, The Hand, manages to kill Wolverine (aka Logan).  Yes, it’s possible.  And so how does that lead to Logan slashing his buddies?  Turns out The Hand has the power to resurrect the dead, only with crazy brainwashing filtered in.  They decide to use Wolverine for evil, because that’s what supervillains do.

We’ll take a look at two of his many battles here.

Wolverine vs. Fantastic Four

Logan ain’t a stranger to butting heads with other heroes.  What…

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