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Electro vs. Spider-Man, Pt. 1

Arousing Grammar

After Electro’s sob story/childhood recall from last article, it’s time to see our newly enhanced supervillain in action.  Spoiler alert: it’s going to be shocking (I apologize, I won’t do that again).  We keep forgetting that Electro has one advantage that many baddies don’t get: he’s fighting Spider-Man.

Batman, who spends his days inventing batarangs that dispell everything from toxic waste to magic spells to deadly diseases, has a whole belt full of gadgets for practically every power combination or skill he comes across.  Then you add his martial arts and a dozen teenage sidekicks.  But Spider-Man, despite his superpowers, swings around the city packing only web-shooters and a thin layer of spandex.  So when Electro shows up blasting sparks (both physical and emotional) with a level that Spider-Man hasn’t dealt with before, our protagonist’s only secret weapon is praying for a lucky punch. Though to be fair to Spider-Man…

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