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Noh-Varr: the Illuminati’s warrior

Arousing Grammar

Noh-Varr, beloved sex symbol of the Young Avengers and all around super cool dude, hasn’t always been a superhero.  Y’see, he’s an alien Kree soldier destined to conquer the planet for the Kree Empire’s new capital.  By himself.  Unfortunately, one alien/insect hybrid against the entire pantheon of superheroes didn’t work out spectacularly well for him.  As in, he lost.

While prison gave him lots of time to stew about his current predicament — his own conquering impotence — Earth’s premier secret society of borderline-sociopathic superheroes, the Illuminati, decided to use this weapon in another way.  And despite all their manipulating, backstabbing, lying, and downright despicable actions they accomplished during their tenure, this ranks as one of the best decisions they ever made.  Witness it for itself in New Avengers: Illuminati #4, written by Brian Michael Bendis & Brian Reed and drawn by Jim Cheung.  Then we’ll finish with four…

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