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Gambling on Spider-Man

I’m honestly surprised the bet didn’t end with some punches being thrown given the number of shady characters. If Electro knows how the Spider fights, you would think he would do better against him.

Arousing Grammar

If we consistently drop everything to follow a car chase every time it appears on TV, how can civilians in the superhero world ever get anything accomplished with all the daily battles?  In New York City, with the combined rogue galleries of dozens of superheroes and superhero teams patrolling the city, I figure there must be at least two or three supervillains attacks a day.  So all the normal folks, probably to ease some of the pain of living in a spandex-filled war zone, hope to gain some benefit from all this destructive world-saving.  Y’know, a benefit besides not having Galactus eat the planet.

In the fantastic first half Spider-Man: Unlimited #11, written by Brian Reed and drawn by Michael Lark, our setting never ventures outside the bar:



Do you think the jokes distract criminals from realizing just how powerful Spider-Man is?  Super speed, super strength, projectile webs, spider-sense,

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