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Green Arrow & Batman pal around, Pt. 2

Arousing Grammar

When we left off, our two heroes (the ones in the title of the article) faced down each other’s supervillain.  Green Arrow gets to break a bow over Red Hood while Batman deals with the rocky, toasty Brick.


I admire Red Hood, because fighting in a leather jacket really lessens maneuverability.  Though despite it looking super cool, he’s also about to brawl with a man who doesn’t wear sleeves, so the fashion victory lays at his feet from the start.  I’m not going to show you the entire fight, but enough so you get an idea.  Batman and Green Arrow are Justice League members after all.




Danny Brickwell, currently known as the Star City kingpin Brick, has metahuman superpowers that give him some level of invulnerability and super strength.  While not trained by Batman/League of Assassins like the verbose Red Hood, Brick still enters the battlefield as a formidabble opponent…

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Green Arrow & Batman pal around, Pt. 1

Arousing Grammar

And by pal around I mean grimace and yell at each other.  Green Arrow has a reputation for being snarky and difficult to work with, and Batman puts his desire for politeness right next to his desire to make out with Commissioner Gordon.  We can agree that they’re probably friends, and their lack of superpowers certainly bonds them in some way.  But I have a feeling that Batman would just prefer if everyone around him shuts up, making noise only to quietly golf clap every time a batarang pierces a henchman’s head.

Today, our adventure in Green Arrow’s hometown Star City takes place in Green Arrow #69-72, written by Judd Winick and drawn by Scott McDaniel.  One of Batman’s baddies touched down in the area, and our Dark Knight arrives to collect the missing piece of his rogues gallery.  That and to give away crazy amounts of money.



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November 2013 PPGD Update 1

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RWBY Episode 15: The Stray Review

This delightfully long episode begins with team RWBY venturing to the docks undergoing preparations for a festival when they come across the crime scene of a Dust shop. The criminals took all the Dust but left the money in the register, which Ruby seems to recall being the same thing that happen when she met Roman Torchwick.

We then learn that White Fang is a collection of Faunes who, apparently, want to wipe humanity from the face of the earth. Given that this is Weiss talking I take it with a grain of salt as she promptly says something that seems offensive to all Faunes. As Yang tries to counter her point, its then that a Faunes stowaway on one of the boats makes a break for it.

They chase him until Weiss crashes into a girl named Penny, who’s weird even by their standards, and Weiss keeps insults Faunes, which aggravates Blake and starts an argument between them that lasts until they get back home. Weiss then mentions that the White Fang keeps targeting her family, including that train robbery in Blake’s trailer, and it made her childhood rather unpleasant.  Her rebuttal eventually causes Blake to say something that gives away she was a member of White Fang.

She then runs out into the night, stopping long enough to remove her ribbon and reveal she has Cat Ears and is a Faunes herself, when the one from before calls out to her. Come morning the others go looking for her, while she sits with the guy from before and enjoys tea before the episode ends on a cliffhanger.

I hate when they end it on a cliffhanger at the good point, but this episode delves into the issues of the world that the girls live in, showing that beneath Blake’s cool exterior there exists a troubled young woman. While I normally like my episodes with a good helping of action, this one gets a perfect score as well since the only fault with it was that it cuts off on a cliffhanger that will hopefully be resolved next week.