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Ultimate Comics All-New Spiderman #28 Review

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 028-000Roxxon, creating superheroes since Ozcorp went belly under…

It’s been a long time coming, but the 28th issue of Miles’ story is out for us to enjoy.

It begins with Mr. Roxxon being alerted by his security team that they’re about to have a little problem. Said little problem is about five superpowered individuals who have a bone to pick up with him. Just as well, he tells them to get his Brain Trust and asks them on whose authority they are arresting them under, revealing he knows all of their identities and insults Miles by bringing up his mother and the boy has to be restrained by Jessica.

This douche is so damn confident that they can’t touch him he goes onto to say that they should be thanking him for their gifts, cue pissing off Dagger who takes out his guards. Jessica then tells him to cool it before she sics the kids on him, but the asshole goes around claiming she’s fake and he created her in a petri-dish. At this point Miles decides to do a Batman Interrogation and tosses his ass out of the the window and webs him up by his feet.

Roxxon goes on a rant revealing that he was the one who hired Prowler to break into Ozcorp and ended up creating the next Spider-Man. He also reveals that he discovered his identity in three days and knows about Miles’ father’s past. He talks so much shit that when the police get there he thinks he untouchable, but Jessica has her contacts with SHIELD make the NYPD leave. Bombshell is impressed and they’re about to leave with the douche when the Brain Trust shows up.

Doctor Miller has some device that cripples the rest, but Miles webs the device out of her grasp and kicks her in the face. Dagger approves. Then the goblin wannabe hulks out, but Cloak takes care of him. Then they beat on the rest and SHIELD shows up, which is when they split after talking about doing this more. Miles then goes back to Vision Academy and makes up with Ganke and then goes to see his father.

The issue then ends with Jessica having a talk with Monica Chang about the kids. What can I say, I like how this ended and the arc itself ends on a decent note. Once again, perfect score all around!

Edit: Also, I updated my Fanfic for the  series here.

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