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RWBY Episode 14: Forever Fall 2 Review

The episode begins with Jaune taking a beating for his actions last episode like a man. Cardin talks big game, but Jaune explicitly states he won’t betray his team. When the jock goes for another punch to the face there’s a flash as Jaune’s aura kicks in to protect him and heals his injuries. It’s then that we remember that the forest is dangerous as an Ursa at least three times their size appears and smells the jam on Cardin’s armor.

Cardin’s team bails, leaving him to become a snack as Jaune looks on. The cowards pass by team RWBY and JNPR and alerts them to the danger and they make it in time to see Jaune defending the bully. He puts up an admirable fight, but he’s about to get mutual killed until Pyrrha reveals she can control magnetism and moves Jaune’s shield to cover him while he lops off the bear’s head on his own. She opts not to tell him that part to let him have his moment, where he lays down the law with Cardin.

Later that night he and Pyrrha have a moment and make up. He asks her to train him and she does, ending the episode on a good note. While it was short, the episode gets a solid 4 out of 5 like its predecessor.