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RWBY Episode 13: Forever Fall Review

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The episode begins with team JNPR wondering where Jaune is, since he’s been out so late. He’s being blackmailed by the Jerk Jock from before, which screwed him over. Jaune can’t bear to face them so he hangs outside his dorm room until Ruby gives him a pep talk on being a leader. The next day they visit the Forever Falls, beautiful place and all, where Jaune is stuck doing the jerk and his team’s work. He then drags him into trying to get revenge on Pyrrha with a bunch of wasps Jaune collected.

Now, leaving aside the fact that suicidal doesn’t even come close to describing what Cardin’s doing, Jaune isn’t that much of a wimp and shows some defiance in refusing to go through with it. Pyrrha has been the sole person who helps him without asking for anything in return. If expulsion is the price of not turning on her, he’s willing to pay it.

Episode ends on a cliff hanger, but it gets a solid 4 out of 5 for character development of Jaune and Ruby.