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Superhero fistfights 3!

Avengers were heroic in name only.

Arousing Grammar

Oh, why not?  I’ll find something epic or romantic or extraordinary for Monday, but today, one more round shouldn’t hurt.  In AvX: Versus #2, written by Kieron Gillen and drawn by Salvador Larroca, we see the X-Men deploy their toughest weapon.  I’m talking Colossus Juggernaut, who’s like normal Juggernaut except encased in metal.  He’s unstoppable:


But can this unbeatable force take on the most lovable of the Avengers?  Can Colossus defeat my personal hero and inspiration to preteens everywhere?  Oh my goodness, yes, Spider-Man doesn’t stand a chance.

Round 1: Colossus vs. Spider-Man


We’ve discussed Spider-Man’s strength level before — he can lift roughly ten tons, which won’t be anywhere near enough to even dent the Russian monster.  Think of Peter Parker as a fly constantly buzzing in Colossus’ ear.  Yes, the fly’s annoying and frustrating, but you really don’t want to squish it if you don’t have to…

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