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Superhero fistfights 2!

Arousing Grammar

I love dramatic character development and beautifully executed suspense as much as the next reader, but let’s be fair — if superheroes talked out their problems instead of punching them, we’d be far less inclined to read.  Look, I want Hulk to be happy, but I also want him to rip a moon in half.  Today, you get just the violence — none of that pesky plot nonsense.  We’ll get back to stories that touch our hearts and souls on Wednesday.  In AVX: Versus #4, written and drawn by Kaare Andrews, as well as AVX: Versus #5, written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Tom Raney, let’s not waste any of your precious time.

Same deal as last time.  Avengers fought the X-Men over the Phoenix Force.  Avengers win, X-Men lose, readers buy all the issues.

Round 1: Thor vs. Emma Frost


Thor, the Superman-with-a-hammer, faces Emma Frost…

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