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Storm vs. everybody

Now show all the times Cyclops wins.

Arousing Grammar

I think many comic book readers underestimate Storm.  Before really reading X-Men comics, I knew she can wield tornadoes or raise greenhouse gas levels or something, but her true capability was totally lost on me.  Well, until I read the miniseries X-Men: Worlds Apart #1-4, written by the genius Christopher Yost and drawn by the equally genius Diogenes Neves.

In the mid-2000s, turns out Storm and Black Panther (the king of the African nation Wakanda) loved each other back in their prepubescent days.  And as adults, they get married.  Romantic, definitely, but more importantly, Storm (real name Ororo Munroe) now presides over Wakanda as its queen. Predictably, ruling a small country takes up most of her time, straining her duties as an X-Man.  The miniseries deals with that problem, but we’re just going to focus on all the fighting.  If you want to see Storm destroy everyone, this is…

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Superhero fistfights 2!

Arousing Grammar

I love dramatic character development and beautifully executed suspense as much as the next reader, but let’s be fair — if superheroes talked out their problems instead of punching them, we’d be far less inclined to read.  Look, I want Hulk to be happy, but I also want him to rip a moon in half.  Today, you get just the violence — none of that pesky plot nonsense.  We’ll get back to stories that touch our hearts and souls on Wednesday.  In AVX: Versus #4, written and drawn by Kaare Andrews, as well as AVX: Versus #5, written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Tom Raney, let’s not waste any of your precious time.

Same deal as last time.  Avengers fought the X-Men over the Phoenix Force.  Avengers win, X-Men lose, readers buy all the issues.

Round 1: Thor vs. Emma Frost


Thor, the Superman-with-a-hammer, faces Emma Frost…

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