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Superior Spider-Man vs. Massacre

I just want to say that Otto is in the right here, even if he is busy destroying every relationship Peter had and no one seems to have put two and two together that something is seriously wrong with him.

Arousing Grammar

I love the Superior Spider-Man series.  Not just because we’re getting brand new Spider-Man stories never told before, but because though Doc Ock loses the joking and gains the ego/abrasiveness — he really is a better Spider-Man.  And it’s fascinating the way writer Dan Slott shows that.

If you aren’t caught up, Peter Parker and Doctor Octopus (real name Otto Octavius) switched bodies. Doc Ock’s body died with Peter’s mind still in it, giving the former supervillain Peter’s body, memories, and life.  If you want more, I chronicled the whole one-hundred issue lead up in a previous article. Think of if Doctor Octopus decided to devote his entire genius and massive ego to fighting crime instead of causing it.  Just with Spider-Man’s tools, friends, and resources.


Yes, Otto’s better at being Spider-Man, but that doesn’t make him a better person.  Or team player. Or basic all-around nice guy.  Still…

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