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September 2013 Grim Tales Update 2

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RWBY Episode 8: Players and Pieces

Best. Episode. Ever.

In this episode we see just how badass the crew that has been assembled could be. They have a Deathstalker (read: Giant Scorpion) and a huge crow that rains feathers of death and destruction down. They have their artifacts. They had ten minutes to dazzle me and they did so with concentrated effort.

For starters, Weiss drops the bitchy attitude she’s had for the last few episodes. It felt a little sudden, but given that it was work together or die, I can’t say it wasn’t a necessity.

Then there was Nora. She wields a Hammer/Grenade Launcher and acts like she’s on a sugar high. The fact that Ren can keep up with her is a testament to his abilities, but she can fight.

Next we have the battle. The teams all worked together, with Team Juniper killing the Deathstalker with its own stinger and Team Ruby dealing with the giant crow. They had some rough spots but it was a well choreographed boss battle befitting any RPG.

For the finale we saw Roman Torchwick up to no good, planning to do something massive in Vale. Nice foreshadowing and a perfect wind-up. Perfect episode so far with no bad qualities, so it’s a perfect 5 out of 5.