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Catwoman, Batman, Zatanna, and the mind-wipe, Pt. 1

This has always plagued me. Should heroes with the power to read and alter memories and minds be allowed to do so? Where is the line and where does it end?

Arousing Grammar

Characters change over the years.  Fifty years of stories’ll do that, but sometimes, it’s not that precious character development that evolves from experiences, trauma, and joy.  Sometimes it’s simply magic.

The past fifteen years brought an emotional hurricane upon Catwoman (Selina Kyle).  She emerged as a bonafide superhero, had a child, raised a sidekick, saw her friends tortured, shared her feelings with Batman, and even killed a man.  But her journey started with a wildly gross negligence of privacy, consent, and fate.  More on that later.  While we explore Catwoman’s conflicting love for Batman, her troubles with Zatanna, and a whole bunch of identity uncertainties, I’m going to unload all the issues used today and Friday (in order) here:

JLA #115-119, written by Geoff Johns & Allan Heinberg and drawn by Chris Batista
Catwoman #50-51, written by Will Pfeifer and drawn by Pete Woods
Gotham City Sirens #17-19

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