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RWBY Episode 7: Emerald Forest Pt.2

The episode starts with Glenda Goodwitch observing the team pairings with her tablet that somehow remotely watches the students and makes various observations, including that Jaune is nowhere near ready to be in the big leagues. Yeah, I have to agree with her. Jaune’s not going to make it to the end of the series at this rate.

Ozpin, however, is focused on Ruby. She and her teammate are having their first fight and Weiss comes out looking far worse for it by claiming she seeks perfection and is miles ahead of Ruby, while Ruby comes out slightly more childish. Blake and Yang have arrived at the temple with little trouble and seem to be getting along for the most part. Jaune and Phyrra are at the entrance of a cave, which he fails to notice has the depictions of a giant scorpion on it.

Blake and Yang retrieve their relic in the shape of a knight chess piece when they hear a little girl screaming. It turns out to be Jaune, who has awoken a giant scorpion that tosses him deep into the forest and will probably go hunting in a bit for him. The end has Blake staring into the air, which his shortly filled by Ruby flying towards them somehow.

This episode established a few things:

  • Glenda and Ozpin have a means of observing the students without them being aware. Privacy is non-existent.
  • Weiss is a perfectionist and has more control issues than I thought, family issues I’m willing to bet.
  • Jaune’s transcript was apparently better than what we’ve seen, hence how he got into Beacon and answering my question from last week. Ether he’s a savant or someone did some forgery on it.
  • Blake seems to have enhanced hearing considering she looked towards the sky well before we knew Ruby was coming, indicating she may be a Faune. Then again her motif is supposedly Beauty and the Beast, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

Overall, the episode felt like a set-up for a fight against the giant scorpion that Jaune has let loose upon the world. Not much character development, so much as rehashing what we already know. I’m going to have to go for a 4 out of 5.