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Ultimate Comics All-New Spider-man #26 Review

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man v2 026-000First day back in the mask and already captured.

Okay, this review follows the latest issue of Miles journey as Spider-Man and he’s back in the black outfit.

The issue starts with a flashback of Lana’s mother, which is Lori and somehow they mixed up the names, being taken from prison in exchange for being a lab rat for Roxxon.  Lana herself has escaped from the two who captured her somehow and looks for her boyfriend (Poey, according to the phone) to take her in, but my guess is that she hasn’t been guarding her secret identity well since he knows about her power and essentially cuts her off. Time to update the facebook status.

Miles and Jessica come to offer her some help, but considering that Spider-Man and Spider-Woman put her and her mother in a jail cell, you can imagine her first instinct was to flee. Miles tries to web her, but he’s out of practice and gets teased by Jessica and later Lana. Back in the past we have the Roxxon Scientist insulting Lori’s intelligence at being a High-School dropout as they give her a superhuman drug, before we skip to Cloak and Dagger, who have no one they can turn to and believe that their parents sold them out. They have some kind of list that has the names of people Roxxon has screwed over and decide to make sure they can’t do it ever again.

At Roxxon, one guy is flipping out because he fears this can be traced back to him, while the scientists tell him that they did what he wanted and made super-humans that they really should retrieve. To that end, they hire a guy called the Taskmaster. We then flashback to when Lori found out about her powers and the fact that she was pregnant. How exactly that happened when she was in either prison or a lab leaves a lot of questions unanswered, unless Lana is a baby born from her power somehow…anyway, she promptly escapes like Cloak and Dagger did, proving that they needed better security back then and now.

In the present Lana is being questioned about being a mutant but denies it, saying she got her powers from her mother. Technically speaking, Lana is a mutant as she was born with altered DNA that allows her to use her powers. Even if her mother had been the one altered by an experiment, she’s a mutant. Anyway, their Spider-Sense goes off and rather than move they stand there and get taken out by a shock puck or something and Taskmaster got all three of them.

I like the issue and the art was gorgeous as always, but I feel that the ending was pathetic as we’ve seen all of them take far more damage than a little taser disk should have put out and react far more quickly when under fire. The flashbacks were okay, but Roxxon is shaping up to be behind everything. The next thing you know it’ll be them who created the mutants and not the U.S. Government.

Now, if you’ve followed the latest news on the series, you’ll know that Miles is scheduled for a trip to the 616 universe soon and that they may end the Ultimate Universe. I doubt it, since there is money to be made, but here’s hoping Marvel doesn’t do anything stupid.

This issue gets a 3.5 out of 5.


Uncanny X-Men #11 Review

Uncanny X-Men v3 011-000Finally, a cover that’s accurate.

It’s Wednesday, meaning it’s comic day, and we’ll start with the Revolutionary Team and Cyclops.

Now, Sentinel attacks are nothing new in the X-Men universe. Chances are there will be one outside your window if any of the X-Men are nearby. So it comes as no surprise that they have one trying to kill them after mere minutes at a Pro-mutant rally, which is something that’s pretty rare considering he’s labeled a terrorist.

Cyclops monologues in his head about how there’s always a coward sending the Sentinels, when it tries to vaporize him. Luckily Magik is there to save his skin and the battle begins. Hijack quickly learns that his powers don’t work on the Sentinel, because heaven forbid the technopath ends the battle with a sentence, and then the Sentinel tries to blast him. Tempus steps in and time freezes the blast while Cyclops curses his powers.

The Stepford Sisters reach into what serves as its mind, or try, and discovers its not a biological or mechanical, something in-between like a cyborg I guess. Some civilians are injured and Triage comes to the rescue to heal them. Then Fabio steps up and the result is pure awesome.

Uncanny X-Men v3 011-007Yeah, he said it.

Fabio accepts his mutant name as Goldballs, which is still stupid, but the badass moment makes up for it until he gets hit by his own balls. Magik follows up and cleaves the thing in half but, much like the Nimrods, the thing has adaptive technology and moves to kill the Eva. Cyclops says it nicely that they’re screwed.

Back on SHIELD’s Helicarrier, Maria Hill is swearing up a storm at the Sentinel attack and the fact that none of her agents are close enough to do something about it. We then cut to Mystique, who is checking on Madripoor after she tried to buy it in All-New X-Men. Hydra and the Hand get into a power struggle and start shooting at each other, which she is looking giddy about.

Back to Cyclops, he’s starting to have a breakdown and going back into the Martyr role, but Hijack makes up by his past failure by throwing a bus at it. And it still didn’t work.  Then came Magneto, broken powers and all, and put it the fuck down before it’s called back by its master and the team helps the civilians.

Now, it was a great battle and the new team is coming along nicely. On top of that we came to learn something about who was sending the Sentinels and we’ve seen Mystique. All plot lines are progressing and my guess about it being a set-up seems to be wrong for once. I’m actually happy with everything before Battle of the Atom begins, so it gets a full 5 out of 5 even if the art still disturbs me.