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RWBY Episode 6: Emerald Forest

The latest episode of RWBY establishes the pairings that have been advertised so far.

Yang, who relies on her gauntlets and seems to have no reservation when it comes to blowing ammo, is partnered with Blake, the ninja by any other name. The hotheaded and cool girls seem to be complete opposites and would cover one another well and without too many problems. It’s a good pairing.

Weiss, who is the series Red Mage, is partnered with Ruby. These two need a lot of work, but their pairing covers the weakness they both seem to have. Weiss actually took the time to try and get in position to kill a single Beowolf when she was surrounded, meaning enough of them would steamroll her. We’ve seen Ruby handle far more at once but lacks the teamwork to inform her partner where she was, leading to her nearly being hit by friendly fire.

On the other end, Jaune would have been screwed without Pyrrha since he doesn’t know how to activate his Ki (well, Aura) to survive. That catapult launch alone would have killed him and she’s the only one who seems to be willing to teach him without any complications or judgement. He’s a nice kid, but he really isn’t fit to survive and leaves me to wonder how the hell he got into Beacon.

Lie Ren was used as the visual aspect of Pyrrha’s speech in that he was actually less dangerous with his guns than without. He stoic and reserved with Nora to balance it out, a silent and deadly martial artist who has earned my respect in the way he approaches combat. The ass-whupping that he bestowed on that giant pair of snakes was downright awesome.

Overall it was a good episode that balanced the team pairings and explain why they have superhuman abilities without boring me. If I had to rate it, I would give it a 5 out of 5 more or less.

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