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Uncanny X-Men #10 Review

Uncanny X-Men v3 010-000

Covers Always Lie

Okay, I’ll get straight into my review since there wasn’t much to go off of this issue.

It starts with Cyclops’ team training in their winter wonderland, with Emma and him having a small tiff. Namely Emma think he’s smug considering their powers are broken and he’s excited because his team is coming together. There’s no doubt that some days have been passing and I’ll bet their Danger Room is being worked out pretty often.

Magneto, on the other hand, is in his room and silently reflecting on his glory days, before his powers were broken while waiting to hear back from Maria Hill. Remember, he’s playing both sides to an extent. They text in code and she wants a meeting.

However, things take a turn for the interesting when Eva and Magik are sparring and her powers act differently when she catches Magik’s foot during a kick, halting it and presumably her in time I’m assuming. With the art it’s difficult to tell. This gathers everyone’s attention and Magik decides to kick it up a notch, which makes¬† Eva panic and she places her teacher in a Time Bubble. When she tries to remove it, the bubble and Magik disappear.

Scott and Emma discuss going to Reed Richards to find her, who is aligned with Stark, who broke the Phoenix in the first place and is aligned with the Avengers, and Eva panics again. Luckily Magik pops up a minute later and continues where she let off speaking, indicating she was displaced in time for about a minute. Turns out Eva doesn’t just freeze time but has some decent potential to traverse it and it freaks her the Hell out because her powers.

Anyway, back with Magneto, he and Hill are discussing this cloak and dagger situation with her. I’m not going to lie, it seems almost like a couple arguing about breaking up. She’s letting Dazzler handle the go-between, who is actually Mystique so that will bite them all in the ass soon. He seems to cut a deal in the end and the scene switches to a Pro–mutant rally.

This screams set-up to Emma and I agree with her, but Scott, after some prodding from Magneto, decides to attend and speak to them about the true enemy of mutants.  Not a minute into it, a new type of Sentinel shows up called a Blockbuster and the issue ends.

Things were going good for Scott right up to the end, but overall this was a breather issue that set up a battle in the next one. I like Eva and while I do feel that Time Manipulation within her bubbles are a natural evolution to her powers or even a different layer, it came on too quickly. She’s going to be a walking Deus Ex Machina at this rate, but considering Magik can traverse time in her stepping disks she might be able to teach her a thing or two.

Overall, 3.5 out of 5 because the art is meh and I like action.

B.O.P out!