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Superior Spider-Man #15 Review

Superior Spider-Man 015-000

Otto once relished the life of Peter Parker compared to his previous life. Now he can’t wait to get rid of it. Shame on you Otto.

This issue of Superior Spiderman follows up with his destruction of Shadowland. Otto is feeling cocky, a combination of his ego and multiple successes. So when the Hobgoblin is actually managing to sneak past his security drones because of the Goblin Protocol courtesy of the Green Goblin, he takes it personally. When he takes it personally, someone is going to be hunted down like a dog, hence Hobgoblin is screwed.

On the other end it shows that in his obsession to catch the guy, he’s been ignoring Peter Parker’s life and loved ones. The fact that MJ has, yet again, noticed he wasn’t acting like himself while Carlie has decided on acting by following the money can only mean that he’s eventually going to get outed some time soon. It takes a call from his new love interest to get his tail to come out of his cave and, wouldn’t you know it, that’s when the Hobgoblin is spotted.

Otto doesn’t just track him down, he completely shuts down the man’s life by outing his secret identity on television after hacking every single television he could find. I’m pretty sure that’s illegal, but he’s a semi-reformed villain with his own base and henchmen. And the mayor is in his pocket, so he’ll get away with it.

Now, I’m rooting for Otto, but he did steal his nemesis’ life and the least he could do is try and maintain it somewhat. He’s trying to be a SUPERIOR Spiderman, but in his blind obsession in leaving behind a legacy, he will ruin everything. Considering that there’s a green goblin running around, I doubt it’ll be long before we have another Gwen Stacy incident.

Not to mention outing someone’s secret identity on television is a bit of a dick move, even on villains considering this one was basically an evil Peter Parker.

The issue gets a 4 out of 5.