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Superior Spider-Man #14 Review

Okay, this is a bit late, but here we go.

Now, for those of you who read this but don’t know what Superior Spider-Man is about, it follows the life of Otto Octavius a.k.a Doctor Octopus after he accomplished his greatest victory yet by swapping bodies with Peter Parker after his old one was beaten too many times and left Peter for dead. As in Peter Parker is dead.

Yes, many fans have flipped their shit over it and called in death threats, but considering the comic is the highest selling one at Marvel right now we know its not going to change anytime soon.

Before Peter died he transferred the memories into Otto and instilled in him a sense of guilt. Add in the fact that he wants to leave a legacy behind, he’s determined to be the SUPERIOR Spider-Man. The differences are obvious, but somehow everyone is an idiot and doesn’t notice the brain swap and just think he’s being an asshole.  Even after Otto has executed two villains on-screen in Peter’s body, everyone is just now figuring out he’s not the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man that they are familiar with.

Now, while I knew about Spider-Man before this year I never read any of the comics, but this one caught my interest and led to reading Ultimate Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider, getting me into it and leaving me partial to Otto and this issue takes place after blackmailing Mayor James Jameson to gain The Raft (a prison for villains that they always seem to escape from) and turn it into Spider-Island II.

Unlike most other heroes, he’s approaching the hero business like he would a crime, namely planning it out. He’s got a bunch of Spider-Bots running around to catch crimes on camera, Arachnaught droids, and freaking MINIONS. He’s got a small army on him and tonight he’s decided he’s going to completely screw over the Kingpin.

Superior Spider-Man 014-006

Kingpin knows he means business, especially after hearing the man forcing Jameson to condone the attack and going into details that he’s going to kill the Hobgoblin and Wisk, and cuts his losses and flee while leaving behind a body double. In the end the battle is won, Jameson is screwed further, and we catch sight of the Green Goblin, who is making Otto look like an idiot by taking in all the remaining men from every crime family Otto has taking down to become the new Kingpin.

Now, Otto’s proactive and I respect that, but his arrogance at believing he’s Superior to most other heroes has left him a little blind to the fact that his Spider-Bots have been hacked and he’s alienating a lot of the hero community lately, which was one of Peter’s strongest ties. Karma dictates that this will bite him in the ass, but until it does I’m enjoying everything so far and give this comic a full 5 out of 5 for beautiful artwork, fight scenes, and foreshadowing the looming threat.