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Archive for February 11, 2013

Fanfic Recommendations and Updates 4

Fanfics that I have found interesting and have recently been updated:

Silver Swords and Black Crows
A Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Prototype Crossover
Summary:  Fate stay night / Fate prototype crossover. When Rin Tohsaka saved a boy from certain death, she had been relieved. Relieved, and tired. Which made her forget to check up on him. Which led Servant Lancer to come after him without interference- at first, anyway. Fortunately for the red-haired magus, there is a witch who can help him in her stead. A witch on the night of fate.

Personal Fanfic Update

The Spiraling Ninja of Uzushio
Summary: Forced to leave behind Konoha after Hinata is hurt, Naruto ventures out to the his fallen homeland in order to survive. Reuniting with his mother, they plan to resurrect his Father & Uzushio once again…If they just so happened to topple the Mizukage, screw over Orochimaru, meet Jinchuurki, or save a few villages along the way, a bonus really…

Chapter 10