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End of Novemember Update

The month is ending and Winter’s chilly embrace is upon us.

So here’s more stuff:

Lightning and Wind Chapter 11: It’s Here!

Sugar Bits Update: A Happy Ending for Little Red Riding Hood

Grim Tales Update: Raven going Mama Bear

Thanksgiving Update

Well, it was mostly luck but here’s Chapter Ten of Lightning and Wind: Here

Also, PPGD Update: Here

And also, Volume 2 of Arcane Advent New Edition is coming out next month. I’ve updated the pictures in the gallery on the main site: Here

Lots of updates

Well to start with, Lightning and Wind Chapters 8 & 9 are both done:

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Bleedman has updated his comics:
Him being a Douche
Some Fireworks
The Things Courage Does for Love

And Arcane Advent Volume II New Edition has been scheduled for a December release.

Lightning and Wind Chapter Seven

The 7th chapter of Lightning and Wind is out, and it’s a bit violent: Here

Bleedman Updates:
Grim Tales: Here
PPGD: Here

Now, I’m off to play Fate Extra!!!

Lightning and Wind Chapter 6

Like a bolt from the blue, I present the next chapter: Here

And we have a Tvtropes Page too. It needs love.