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August End Update

To keep things short:

* Arcane Advent Vol.1 New Edition is done, along with a new website, and will be released in September
* Bleedman updated Grim Tales
* Still working on the final draft of Valkyrie’s Godchild

Bleedman Free Webcomics

Alright, so I was killing time doing…something I can’t remember at this point, maybe surfing Tvtropes, when I ran across this comic called Grim Tales from Below by Bleedman. Intrigued, I read it and was hooked. Fascinated by the artwork and plot, I picked up the other series PPGD and Sugar Bits.

My Opinions:
Grim Tales from Down Below is the second webcomic and it centers around Grim Jr. and Mini-Mandy(or Minnie). While at a Halloween Party, Junior gets kidnapped and his sister rescues him, only to be killed when taken off guard. After that, forces of evil so great are unleashed, it takes Grim, Nergel, and Mandy(Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy), Clockwork and Dark Danny (Danny Phantom) to hold it off, while Junior rescues his sisters soul from HIM (Powerpuff Girls).

This one is by far the darkest, I mean very graphic depictions of a child getting ripped apart aren’t exactly good. But it was touching at the end, even though I prefer Junior and Mimi to Junior and Minnie. A mini-series focusing on Mimi is being updated now, and a sequel has already been made, but is under development for various reasons.

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Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi (A.K.A PPGD) is the first webcomic created by my new idol, Bleedman. It’s a crossover between several cartoon network and nicktoon characters centered around the powerpuff girls, who move to a new city and get into a fight with Dexter (Dexter’s Laboratory) who is easily one of the most bada** characters in the story. It only goes up hill from that, as the art improves over time.

It’s funny for a good part, but dark when it wants to be. I mean, they kill off DeeDee along with a few other characters, and the girls tend to be beaten as often as they beat down the enemy. It brings along obscure characters and others who would have long since been forgotten, as well as more popular ones, mixing them together in a decent setting.

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Sugar Bits is….a unique take on fairy tales into something entertaining and dark. I mean, when you have a gingerbread man named Hansel laying the smack down on the big bad wolf on nightmare steroids and it’s actually GOOD, you know you’re doing something right. Anyway, the gingerbread man is chasing after princess Ginger who has apparently changed from sweet to bitter after she enters a dark warp gate…Yeah, and apparently there’s a sheep girl playing third wheel love interest and possibly has had a death flag raised. Don’t think too hard on it.

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If you have a free weekend, I’d suggest giving these a read.

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Original Prologue

To the final battle, he marches