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Okay, after dealing with a bout of Pneumonia, my laptop hard drive frying and had to be replaced, a missed job interview because of the laptop breaking, and having to move in ten days, I’ve had some time to think about where I’m going and what I’m doing.

Short Term:
1.) Finish Valkyrie’s Godchild: The next chapter will be the last and wrap up the story. It was a short story to begin with, although some day I’d like to expand it into a visual novel with revamped storyline.

2.) Fan fiction: For the Lolz and experience

Long Term:
3.) Arcane Advent 1: I’m redoing it (again), this time in a third person format and with revised content.

4.) Arcane Advent 2: Too many dang cliches. It’s got to get redone, with revised content and maybe some artwork.

5.) Arcane Advent 3: When I said it was going to be dark….I was underestimating my own imagination. I’ve just got a lot of inspiration, so I plan on working on it thoroughly.

Really Long Term:
6.) Arcane Advent Saga: A compilation of all three volume’s revision in a hard back cover that chronicles the four years of Leid’s life. After this, he will step down as the main protagonist, so I plan on developing the heck out of him in order to make it more heart breaking when the ending comes.

7.) The Path of the Lone Wolf – An Arcane Advent Kinetic Novel: A visual novel that will chronicle the life of Leid’s master and the reason he was on the run when Leid found him.

8.) Arcane Advent – The Game: A game based off the novels.

This is my plan for the next two or three years, but seeing as I’m scatterbrained and have the attention span of a bug, expect more things out of impulse or less out of laziness. I’m removing all content for the series until I get them sorted out properly and everything is released, preferably next year.

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