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New Series

I’ve added the Prologue to a new short series I’m working on: Valkyrie’s Godchild

Valkyrie’s Godchild tells the story of an ordinary man who has been chosen by his long-lost Godmother to retrieve a key artifact that would allow Loki, Norse god of mischief, to be released from his punishment and, in a fit of rage, raze the country. Opposing him are the descendants of Loki’s children, who he must face armed with a Swiss army knife forged by dwarves.

New Short Story

A new short story is available for reading online:
Read Here

It follows up the events of volume 2

Game In Production

I’ve decided to make it a hybrid gallery shooter and adventure game. The game won’t directly follow the first novella’s story line. Instead it will be a retelling of the story that takes place in the second novella, after Leid is put into a sleeping state while recovering from the events of the first novella.

The screen shot above one of the shooting scenarios in the game. All buildings and backdrops are temporary.

The game will be made using Unity 3.